I like abercrombie clothing but...?

I like abecrombie clothing but it is way to expensive and I cant afford it. What should I do?

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    1 decade ago
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    You could try Hollister .. they have alot of the exact same items for $20 less! Hollister and Abercrombie are by the same people.

    Also, there is always a clearance table in Abercrombie. They don't have sales on regular merchandise, but you can get cute clothes really cheap on that table.

    Or you could use eBay to purchase Abercrombie stuff at discount prices.

    Good luck =]

    Hugs && Kisses

    ♥ Abby ♥

    Source(s): Abercrombie & Fitch is my favorite store!!!
  • 1)Look for things on sale

    2) Your wardrobe doesnt have to be made of Abercrombie clothes. Try putting in clothes from other stores that look alike and just have a few real abercrombie clothes. Some stores, such as TJ MAXX have clothes that are from stores such as abercrombie but for cheaper (plus they also have cute other outfits)

    3) Live without perfect clothes. Clothes are meant to cover your body and though it is fun to wear cute clothes it doesnt hurt to put more realistic and less adorable into your wardrobe.

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    1 decade ago

    Same case here. I usually hit the thrift stores in areas around decent neighborhoods on a regular basis and usually find some Abercrombie on each trip.

    Abercrombie stuff stands up to most things except the sweaters. they seem to shrink alot, so I end up buying the next size up.

    Good Luck!

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    Um. I like abercrombie too. But the jeans arent worth the price. Go for Hollister jeans. They fit exactly the same way, and for half the price. The tops, go on sale every now and then. Like they just had their spring preview, and my mom got 10 shirts for me for only like a hundred dollars. That's ten bucks a piece. Hope i helped... GOod Luck!

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    If you don't mind thrift stores, I'd try that. There's a thrift store close to my house that sells like new A&F, Hollister, AE clothes, for extremely cheap.

    Otherwise, what the first girl said; wait until there are good sales.

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    1 decade ago

    personaly they will have sales but i think you can get the same kind of clothing for cheaper! I have so many nice things that didnt come from expenive stores. I dont care about labels more about how they look..

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    1 decade ago

    Try Aeropostale and Hollister. they have the same style clothing and its much cheaper! (belive me, i cant afford Abercrombie ethier!)

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    get a better job? are you in college or are you with your parents.

    if your still with your parents, then lucky

    just ask them

    its not bad...there just like all the other high fashion stores

    i always shop there.

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    there are sales there its not much more then other name brand clothing

  • 1 decade ago

    that sucks.

    theres ALWAYS sales sometimes...

    like today.

    my mom got me 3 shirts!!

    on sale for 15 dollars each....

    just think....

    their stuff is priced like anyother store.

    except for their jeans...that ridiculous...lol o well.

    thats what mommy's and daddy's are for!

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