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How do you eliminate negative people from your life?

I am not trying to be mean, but there are a lot of people who either irritate me to no end, or seem to be going out of their way to make me miserable.

I want 2007 to be a year of change. I can't do that with all of these negative influences in my life. What should I do?

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    When someone around me is being a "negative nancy" I tell them. I have nothing to hide. If someone is bugging you tell them. Why put up with it?

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    I am also going through this, a detox of mind, body and soul. I was in a relationship for 2 years with the most negative person I had ever met. At this point my spirit is broken but the only way I have found to rid my lfe of the negativity is to cut off ties or limit contact. I say a prayer of protection from negative entities daily and am practicing not giving my energy away. I just got worn down and I allowed him and the others to steal my zest for life.

    Ironically, this guy told me that the thing he loved most about me was that I was always happy and that he couldn't see being with me if I wasn't. Yet, he knows he is negative he couldn't understand how that would effect me. That was the last straw. He was always complaining but never wanting to take action, or responsibility, that is something that I can't handle.

    What I have learned is that I can not change anyone's outlook, it is what it is and they have to want to be positive, happy, non-critical etc etc. Just being positive and happy around them causes a competition of energies and frankly, is draining. I have vowed to let the negative people go and find their own way in this world. We are just on different paths. Best fo luck to you!

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    A simple question, deserving a simple answer, right?

    Well, not really! To much has been implied about negativism, to little is revealed in your question. LOTS of people? Why lots? Were you on medication and now believe yourself not needing them? It may sound negative to hear people wanting you to take your meds when you don't feel you need them, but that is a resonable concern for your welfare, not negativity.

    Many of us with depression and bi-polar conditions don't really realise how much the meds help us, and how obvious it is to those who care about us when we're off our meds. If that is the case here I ask you to go back to your Dr. and discuss this with him / her.

    Many times people who care about us seem to think that they know better than us what we are capable of handling. If you've been maintaining your perscribed usage and dosage and are getting this negativity, it may be that those who care are just to controlling. I'd suggest a councilling session with a Psychologist to help you determine if your plans are reasonable and those who care are controlling, or if your plans may be overreaching (it is difficult to remain patient) and those who care are truly concerned for your welfare.

    Quite often we overreach when healing, or understanding, or an insight comes to us. A good councillor will want you to keep the support base that is needed by all of us, but not at the cost of legitimate growth that we are sometimes more prepared for than they are. Best of Luck.

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    Avoid them totally. Cut them off 100% NO CONTACT.

    Love Jack

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    Stop talking to them or severely limit your contact with them. Make new friends who are fun and optimistic.

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    Well if it is your family you can,t eliminate them.If they are friends you can.You know what they say,you can,t pick your family but you can pick your friends'

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    You can say "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!".

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    1 decade ago

    easy. stop talking to them. dont worry about what they think of you, you just stop talking and they'll get the hint.

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