16 and pregnant wit second baby?

i had a baby almost three months ago and i think i pregant again i am having morning sickness and all the sypthoms i had wit my last baby, I havn't told my boyfriend yet cause i'm scared i havn't told my momma yet cause im scared i don't know what to do i can't take care of two babys own my own, my boyfriend is really supportive wit my daughter but two babys were both only 16 what should i do {please no rude comments please!!!!!}

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    I'm sure by now you know what causes babies. STOP DOING IT!!!!!!!

  • Didn't the doctors at the hospital tell you and offer you birth control? I know they had too at your 6 week check up. So why would you chance getting pregnant again when you have to have your family's help in raising your kid? If you know you cannot handle taking care of babies then why are you having sex?

    I do not understand people like you. Why be scared? You knew what sex could bring so if you are pregnant then your going to have to deal with it. Your life is no longer important now, it is your baby's now. Your fun is over and you should have been worrying about your daughter instead of having sex again.

    Just take a pregnancy test. Why?

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    I usually write rude comments as a joke, but I can't believe these people- come on, she doesn't need a lecture right now.

    One thing about pregnancy- if you're pregnant, it's gonna happen; and there is nothing to be afraid of, because either you are pregnant or you are not, and the point at which you had control over that is in the past.

    Get a test-if you are not pregnant, you have to get on birth control.

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    First, take a pregnancy test and see a doctor. There's no use getting all worried if it's not true. If indeed you find that it's not true, go on birth control immediately and start religiously using contraceptives to avoid this situation again. If you do find out that you are pregnant, there are options other than keeping the baby. Have you considered an abortion or adoption? Consider either of these options if you do not believe it's fair for you or the baby to keep it.

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    oh my .take the test ,find out first before you flip out..

    if you are you will need to tell the father of the baby and you should tell mom.i'm sure your scared your so young .theres options if you are . everything happens for a reason,and remember everything will work out in the end what ever is decided .i recommend adoption .i wish you luck also remember

    your not the only one, theres others out there dealing with the same issue.what ever happens next time use some so of birth control.

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    Hmm... Thats kinda strage sis.Coz a suckling baby which is less than 3 months old usually physiologically prevent a fresh pregnancy. I dont know which state you are from but where I staty, your first child itself would have been classified as Legal Rape.The main thing you got to find out now is whether you are actually pregnant or is it just you throwing up what you swallowed yesterday.If you are indeed pregnant, your folks will know anyway.Don't forget you are not alone in this ordeal and your boyfriend needs to get this child legitimised by marrying you...if he tries something funny or suggests abortion get your poppa involved (or does having bastards run in the family?) or get him into court for child support.Its your mess in the end.Explore birth control methods in the future atleast.Heck, you should be in school

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    You are most likely not pregnant. Your body is recuperating from the birth and it is going through some changes right now. Just talk to your doctor and get on birth control. Don't listen to the rudeness of others, everyone makes mistakes. But stop being a statistic. you can still have a good life for yourself and your baby.

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    Sucks to be you. And I am quite sure that the good tax payers in your town just love supporting one more mouth to feed....How sad.

    Don't think that I am putting you down to be mean, I too was 16 and pregnant and alone to add, But I found that getting on my own two feet and counting on no one but myself made me grow up and be a better person and mother, and you need to do this for yourself..I do hope that you are NOT pregnant and will let this be your wake up call.

    Playtime is over honey...Time to putt away the toys and be an adult.

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    1) If you're not sure--get tested

    2) If you know for sure and you are, don't get an abortion, consider adoption for both babies.

    3) If you're not pregnant, get your tubes tied and kick that dirt bag rapist to the curb and threaten to go to the authorities.

    4) Have your mother place the baby/babies on her health insurance, go out and get a job, and dump the B****ARD that fooled with you.

    5) File rape charges against that scum bag.

    6) Don't do this again. You'll ruin the rest of your life!!!

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    Seriously, you have a baby so regardless of your age it is time to grow up and take responsibility. I'm sure you can't even take care of the one you have. I will pray that you aren't pregnant for the sake of your current child and the future of the one you think you could be carrying. Get your tubes tied if you can't control yourself.

    You deserve nothing but blunt answers here cuz you obviously didn't learn anything with your first lesson. What will it take for you to get it? As the other person said.... it's pretty likely that the rest of us taxpayers are paying for you to have babies and feed them. It makes me sick. People makes mistakes, but what you are doing is just inexcusable.

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    it is hard to say anything to your situation without being somewhat rude. Why don't people your age think of what is best for a child before you start fooling around without using protection? you are children raising children but without the adult knowledge. Please give them up for adoption and get on the pill.

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