Can I make a wrist grounding strap?

How can I make a wrist grounding strap?

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    You can make a wrist grounding strap, but it's probably not necessary.

    The purpose of the wrist grounding strap is to discharge static electricity from your body to prevent you from accidentally discharging it inside a computer case, where doing so might cause damage to sensitive components.

    If you don't have a wrist strap, just make sure you touch a metallic object (preferably one that is grounded) prior to sticking your hands into the computer case. In a pinch, touching the case or framework itself will work as well. I usually try to maintain contact with the framework of the case using my forearm or wrist while I work inside the case.

    Just try not to wear wool socks or fleece clothing and avoid shuffling around too much and you should be fine.

    Wrist straps are cheap to buy, you can pick them up for a few dollars at any Radio Shack or The Source store.

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    The principal feature provided by commercial wrist grounding straps is a current-limiting resistor. They have a resistor of a few megohms in series with the grounding wire, so that if you happen to touch a live circuit with another part of your body, the wrist strap does not provide a low-resistance path to ground. However, the resistor still drains off low-energy static charges to a level that is safe to semiconductors.

    In order to provide this protection and reduce the risk of electrocution, you should either use a commercially-purchased grounding strap or else include a current-limiting resistor in whatever you design for yourself.

    Of course if you are in contact with a grounded component with some other part of your body, the wrist strap doesn't matter. Now we are getting into the basic safety rules that you need to be aware of if you work on mains-connected equipment.

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    You can use a unshielded wire. If you have one with the shielding still on it, you can pull it off. Attach to a grounded screw on an outlet. Careful not to get shocked (turn off the breaker first!)

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