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ok im like only 14 and ive had soooo many injuries. Ive had injuries in my ankles, knee, wrist, shoulders, head, ribs , nose and eye. is anyone young liek me and dealing with multiple injuries. if so, how do u get rid of the pain? plus with stress, does ur pain worsen cause mine does!


i dont really wanna take pain medication, i mean ppl im 14 come one here! i mean i take an advil if im really bad but i mean in like general.

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    How are you causing all these injuries? Maybe you should stop what is causing them? Also, no pain pills. Not at 14 years old. Perhaps you should work on strengthening your body physcially so you dont get injured so easily. Join the Y or do some weight lifting at your school

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    What are you doing to hurt yourself all the time?? Wow that's alot of injuries.

    Yes, sometimes dealing with stress makes the pain worse. Sometimes the weather will cause things to act up too if your bones/joints have been injured. I use a heating pad and take Advil to help get me through. If I'm having a really bad day then I take one of my pain pills.

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    pain hurts you know you did something your body disaproves of........ if your gonna be dumb

    you gotta be tough

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    heating pads are to die for

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