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what is consciensness, and does it have any energy?

if you believe conscienseness contains energy, can you harness that energy to impact our world.

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    Consciensness is the little voice inside your head you can never get to shut up. It makes you feel guilt, hate, love, and emotion. It does possess the energy to change our minds, and if you think deep, you have to admit that consciencsness does have impact on our world. It helps us make choices on right and wrong.

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    I really do not get it? Conscious or Consciece? Conscience is one thing that is harnessed inside and yet we bury it after becoming greedy,or bitter. Conscious is what you are now that is obvious or you would not be typing this question. I think you are talking about conscience and again that is something that tells you to be good and then it can be confusing with upbringing and society. Usually people do not listen to their conscience or we would not have turmoil and hate. So your guess is as good as anyones? Maybe so but then to harness it what good will that do if there are only a few, you would actually have to get the whole world in on that one and that is impossible. Even the Tsunami, World Trade Center, or Katrina did not effect most people, they could care less because it was not them. There were many that gave their money and they could afford to, but the rest that could give their money like the people that are in these countries that hate America, and everyone, they would not donate. They are the perpetrators, you are not going to change people that way. They have to do it all by their lonesome. Or maybe they just will end up in war and never know what you are talking about because they have no conscience. Happy New Year

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    Quantum Physics has a definition for this and this weird concept is interesting to me but it seems to be another tool to explain the spirit in us. just an idea, the use like karma as good energy. I also saw a program where a man charged a battery. May be some substance to this question.

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    Neither conscience nor consciousness can be energy since these are metaphysical and energy is a physical object. However, both conscience and consciousness can make the energy in our body and brain to work in accordance with their dictates.

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    I will answer like many others here.....

    Consciousness, to me, is the breath of life inside the framework of a man that is aware that he exists.....

    it is being alive so as to reason, to function, to motivate, etc.....

    it is energy.... it gives life to every cell of the body.... when we cease to have that breath of life.... when the body has no more of its "feeding" source, then, every cell in the body will break down, one-by-one.... beginning with the shutting down of organs..... The body will become cold......

    it is already contained within the vessel we call our "body"........The spirit is its energy..... To prove this, close your eyes and cup your hands over your face without touching it.... You can feel the heat of it...... That is life... it is energy...

    your sister,


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    If you mean "consciousness" then yes, it does have it's own energy. The energy from the electrical stimuli in our brain.

    I you mean "conscience" then yes as well.

    The electrical impulses that give us consciousness (awareness) are the same impulses that give us conscience (empathy).

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    Yes, it the energy that runs the world.

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    Consciousness is the result of the actions of billions of neurons in your brain. They're all firing and giving off electric signals. So it sort of is energy. And "harnessing consciousness" to impact the world is what you do every time you translate thought into action. Duh.

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    consciousness, awareness, perception, being; I guess where things happen - or the happening is consciousness on the experiential level.

    I don't know about any utilitarian uses for it. Let's let it be what it is. That's one thing we can't use for our own purposes.

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