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To gain lean muscle mass?

36 yr old female plans to gain lean muscle mass

5ft6in, 110pds, 17.79 BMI, 24,2% body fat

2700 daily caloric intake

60 gr protein intake

Intense daily workouts with weights working different muscle groups, resting them for at least 72 hrs.

Cardio is a 2 to 3 hour brisk walk every other day--do not run due to bad knee injury.

Just recently increased daily caloric intake by between 200 and 250 calories.

Afraid I've reached a plateau.

Can anyone advise?

Thx, peace!


BTW: I calculated specifics with regards to protein intake; 75 gr. Have to accumulate slowly from 60 gr. Thx for all of your answers, plz keep them coming!

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    We could be sisters or something. I'm almost 36, 5' 6'', 121 lbs, BMI 19.4, body fat 22,5%

    I can tell you what I do different. I eat less calories (around 2100-2200), went low fat, and eat more proteins than you do (around 80 gr, sometimes even 100). I do cycle calories once a week: 2 days higher (around 2500), and the other 5 normal. I also *religiously* have 7 meals a day.

    I do pilates on monday and thursday, and weights on tuesday and friday.

    You sound like an ectomorph given the weight despite the high caloric intake, so the higher fat tells me you are eating too much (or too much fat, or both).

    Happy New Year

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