how many playoff games the ny jets have to win to get to the super bowl?

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    4 games to win it all, which won't happen.

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    They have to win three. First against the Patriots, then the Ravens or Chargers, then the AFC Championship. Don't get your hopes up though, doesn't look good playin the Pats again. Or the Chargers or Ravens. It's possible, but unlikely. There probably won't be another Steelers run like last year, so, just have fun because they made the playoffs! 10-6 after (no offense) being horrendous last year! That's pretty good I'd have to say.

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    To get there, 3. To win it all, 4.

    Wild Card Game

    Divisional Playoff Game

    Conference Title Game

    Super Bowl 41 (I hate Roman numbers and try to avoid using them lol)

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  • 1 decade ago

    3 games

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    they must win 3 but will only win 1

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