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i love M.C.R and P.A.T.D songs do u?

on my chemical romance i love (im not ok ) with panic at the diso i love (the only difference between martydom and suicide is press coverage)!!!

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    i LOVE patd! time to dance is by far my favorite song. im not crazy about mcr though. some of their stuff is ok, but im not a fan of most of it.

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    I love them!!! From MCR, I like the song Helena and from PATD, I like the song Build God Then We'll Talk.

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    i love Im not okay also!!!

    and helena too..

    welcome to the black parade is also good, and their latest, Famous last words. watch it on


    i also love i write sins not tragedy.

  • yes i lurve Panic! they rock my fave song is "The only reason these tables arent numbered....." so good!!

    as for MCR i love them 2! :)

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