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Girl question?

when I had my period last month. there was a day that I filled a whole tampon in less than anhour 2 to be exact. then the nexy day it was normal. so I canncelled my DR's appt.. well I am at it again and its heavy maybe 1 every 1 1/2 hours..but there are big clots and alot...... any suggestions? I mean I am goina go to the ER in the mornin. I am 17. I would like to know if something is wrong. I mean I think something is I talked to my sis she said I need to go to the DR.. and I am going to..

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    This can very well be normal. I'm 43 years old and my periods have all been different ever since I've been having them. Now I have two very heavy flow days ( a pad every hour and I mean the thick maxi pads), then it lightens up.

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