21 weeks pregnant and havn't felt the baby move yet?

This is my first pregnancy so iam not sure what to look for.


yeah i go to the doctor every month and found out it was a girl last week - i saw her moving on the ultrasound but couldn't feel it.

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    You maybe expecting too much movement. To be honest with my first I felt like butterflies. It was like taking your fingers just slightly around my stomach. Later it gets harder as they get bigger. At the stage you are at now, they are little.. I mean real little. I had alot of fun with mine later; I took a piece of ice and ran their little butts from one side to the other. lol.. No more worrying, start singing to the baby and reading to your baby. Enjoy your time with the life that is growing inside of you. You are becoming part of a miracle.

  • wishon
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    My pre-being pregnant weight became additionally on the heavy area, and with my first son i did not experience any flow that i became a hundred% specific became the newborn till week 22. additionally, the heavier you're prepregnancy, the fewer weight docs want you to learn whilst pregnant. i'm 37 weeks now with #2 and characteristic basically gained 10 pounds. i would not be worried approximately not feeling lots flow till you have gotten to the factor the place you experience lots of flow continuously. As continuously, you will desire to call your record once you have concerns, even inspite of the shown fact that it sounds to me like each and every thing is okay.

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    between 4 to 6 months is usually when you feel it. but no one can say for sure because not everyone is the same obviously. If it is something that you are seriously concerned about then go to your doctor and let them know. i was 5 1/2 months pregnant when i first felt my baby move and at the time i was kinda oblivious to it. lol. believe me, you'll know if there is something wrong, all mothers have a sense of it whether they think they do or not. sometimes, if i wanted to get my daughter to move all i had to do was gently pat my belly to music or something and sometimes i would feel a gentle nudge in my abdomen.

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    Don't worry! Since it is your first pregnancy the baby is moving and you don't notice it yet. You will feel it within a few weeks. I only have one child and it was the same for me. At times I thought I was just gassy when in fact I think it was the baby moving. I have a good feeling about you and that everything will be fine for you and your baby. Happy New Year and congratulations to you and your baby!

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    Pregnancy is like a snowflake...no two are alike. You may not feel the baby move for up to 4 more weeks. If you are heavy it could be even longer. To ease your fears, maybe you should invest in a doppler heart monitor. I bought one on amazon.com for $115, but there are cheaper ones and even ones you can rent monthly or weekly. Just do a search for fetal doppler. Don't worry and Good Luck!

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    Not to worry, Mom. As long as the doctor says she's fine, and you saw her move, then I'm sure she's just fine. In the later months, you may wish you couldn't feel her moving so much! Enjoy your pregnancy; it's such a beautiful experience.

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    I have had four babies and didn't feel them until around the 6th month. The magazine E Pregnancy was very helpful for me. It has articles for each month of pregnancy. Also the book What to expect when your expecting and What to expect the first year are good too.

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    I'm 25 weeks along with #1 and felt it since 16 weeks... at first it was little pokes, and now it's OBVIOUS. I was only 120 pounds pre preggo, and VERY in tune to my body though... they say anywhere between 16-24 weeks is normal for feeling the FIRST movements... GOOD LUCK!

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    if the doctor says its heart is beating dont worry, it will be 6 months or more for some women due to the placement of the baby

  • I actually just read that question on dr. spock.com. She said that it's normal for a person with their first pregnancy to not feel anything for awhile. If your worried, ask your doctor.

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