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My best friend died...?

I just found out. It was a week ago that he passed. I feel harrible... does anyone have any ideas to help me cope?


Its not my first loss, I lost my mom when I was nearly 10, and many others since then but this time its really taking an effect. I cry, but feel dumb when i talk about it..... My family doesnt really understand.

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    Its is a terrible expereince to go throught. Sorry for your loss. I lost my best frnd too. I is difficult to give you ideas to cope as it depends upon persons nature. You can have some other frnds over and spend time with them. It is hard but you can talk about all the fun time you spent with your late frnd. Try remembering some funny incidents which involves you and your best frnd. This is what i did and it did help me with out forgetting my frnd.

    Or you could divert your mind into your hobbies if you have any(i personally don't prefer this)

    hope i was a lil help to you. Hope you feel better soon.

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    I,also lost my father,two close friends and a number of family over the past few years. A person told me something that eased my grief and helped me cope he said "The wound (person's passing) will always be there.....But in time the wound will become less painful and it will be easier to move on." I also would recommend calling or seeing a grievance counselor. Keep your chin up!

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    for some reason, knowing that a person died is much more saddening to know that a person have migrated to another country and settled down.

    it's kind of a viewpoint thing. try to look at this matter from another viewpoint, he might have left, but might be for the better. at least he is out from the stress from this world? but no matter what it is, it isn't all that bad.

    and you gotta controll yourself as this might not be the last time another person close to you might leave you (keeping fingers crossed). just take it easy and things should be alright soon..

    my condolences..

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    Take everyday one at a time. Remember the good times. Don't get caught up on the fact that they aren't in this world anymore. When I lost my helped a lot to think that it was just "goodbye for now". Maybe not...but I find it comforting to think that I will see him again some day.

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    Oh dear I am so sorry I personally always recommend a book called Embraced by the light by Eddy these are people who have clinically died and came back. really helped me when mom died at this time of year.

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    hey.. talk out your feelings to someone, keep a journal, talk to his family, go out with other friends. basically just go and get through each day by day.. allow yourself a good crying day because of the loss and as time passes things will get easier. and i am really sorry for you loss

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    Your friend who died, his soul will get nervous if he will know that you are still missing and crying for him and your family member will also be in tense so to make him happy search a true friend like him who will share your happiness and sorrow. And who will not harm your in any kind. So be happy to keep him and everyone around u happy.

  • my two best friends moved away along with there two older brothers who were realy close to me try and find a hobbie to help distract you from the pain dont try to forget your best friend you will just get worse spend sometime with your family and other friends although he or she is gone doesnt mean you have to be anti-social it will help you realize what you have and try to rember who ever it was is in a better place now

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    Spend time with a mutual friend, it really helps. It you find it all getting too much, go and see your doctor, pain whether physical or mental deserves treatment.

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    i had same, my auntie died and i really miss her, but if you think about it it dosnt help, but i know she is still here, donot think about your best friend, ok you can but try finding something fun to do or keep busy, its never reallly good to not ave anything to do, thats when you start having memorys come back, if that dosnt work then just think of it this way, your still alive, so share your heart and life for your best friend s/he would want you to be happy for them.

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