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Did he just want S-e-x ?

A guy I dated long ago found me online 2 months ago.

He acted at first like he was still the sweet guy I knew him as.

I couldnt see him right away because he lived in hometown & I was moving home at year end.

Our IMs got very flirty. At a couple points he got extreme with S&M stuff but I chalked it up to him getting overexcited.

I moved home a week ago and he contacted me Xmas night.

He wanted me to come over to his house later Xmas night.

I joked that he wanted a Chsitmas Booty call and he got mad online and called me a B^tch. He then said he didnt want me because I had been mean.

2 days later I told him that I had no plans for New Year's Eve because I had to take care of my grandmother who recently had a heart attack and broke her back.

Instead of writing that he was sorry, he wrote back and asked if I d like to come by his place around 11pm -midnight that same night.

That made me irate, so I finally wrote and nicely explained that I have high standards. That I never compromise my dating ideals and that if he would like to ask me out on a normal proper date that would be great.

But I wont just come over to his place at night like that.

So now dead silence on his end. Nada response at all.

I was on AIM and Yahoo IM and so was he. He didnt IM me nor email me last night.

His silence speaks volumes.

Should I just ignore this creepy player or tell him off for good ?

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    Ignore him. Telling him off could escalate things to a level you don't want.

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