Looking for old song books of the 1950's,they had words to all the new songs. They came out once a m?

These old song books of the 1950's, I cant remember if they came out once a week, or once a month. They contained all they words to all of the popular songs.It may have had something to do with the Television show called YOUR HIT PARADE. i WOULD LOVE TO FIND SOME OF THESE BOOKS.

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    The 'Hit Parade' stopped having lyrics in the early 80s and became a full-fledge magazine. 'Song Hits' and 'Song Parade' along with a couple country music lyric ones all stopped around the same time. But I used to love getting those and looking for mistakes...LOL

  • 5 years ago

    I have original song books from the 50 s ( Original Carlton Magazines) called Hit Parade. I have 8 in all.

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