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how do i send instant messager to all my friends on messager all at the same time?

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    That would be a group instant message. A couple ways you can do it. Highlight all the names on your friends list by left click and mouse over. Then right click the highlighted names and click Send an Instant Message. "Send Message to Group" box will pop up. Choose the profile name you want people to see you as and type in your message and then click send.

    If you do not want to send a message to everyone but still a group of people, you can hold down control key while you left click each name to highlight the names you want included, then right click and choose Send Instant Message and follow the same steps as above.

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    Right-click on the the group name and select "send instant message to all in group"

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    highlight all the names in your list and right click on your mouse, then select send an instant message...that's it.. i hope it helps.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    right click on the group name ( for instants Friends) then click on

    the first one ...

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