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how do you loose weight had a baby four months ago, want to loose 15 pounds?

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    This might apply to you (or might not) but I notice a friend after giving birth continued to snack regularly on junk food. I guess her body is used to "eating for two".

    She got back into shape by avoiding junk food, eat more nutritiously dense foods, five smaller meals instead of three big ones ....and really used her stationary bike!

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    our society, it's easy not to exercise. to start and stay motivated, try exercising the same time of day and be accountable for your actions. don't try making excuses not to exercise, instead, make excuses to exercise. make it a habit and soon you will crave it. get a workout buddy so the both of you can workout together. that way, you won't find an excuse not to commit to a daily routine. try thinking about how many years you will add to your life, how you will feel, and how many diseases you will ward off by exercising every day. to get more exercise without realizing it, park your car at the far end of the parking lot, take a few flights of stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, walk around the mall for a full 30 minutes without stopping, play with your children for 30 minutes, clean the house for a full 30 minutes, walk whenever you can. invest in some hand weights and add weight training to your routine. once you start seeing results and feeling better, you will want to continue. also, eat more fruits, vegies, berries, lean proteins, soy products, whole wheat, high fiber, whole grain carbs, and low fat dairy products. feeling good and healthy on the inside will help you stay focused on the outside. drink more water and green tea and limit your consumption of diet soda to 2 cans a day and stay away from fast food and junk food. i hope this helps. good luck.

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    I walked and walked.. alot. I did this for 1 hour 4-5 days a week. Start at 3 mi. then work up to 5miles. I lost close to 40 pounds and 4 dress sizes. Now I have quit smoking too. I started to just limit some foods. But I didn't give them up totally. I found you have to keep some foods that you like. Hope this helps, God Bless. :)

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    Wait until he start walking and your have to run after him all over the place. That will help take care of some of it!!!

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