Thrift Shops in Connecticut or New York City?

Does anybody know of some good thrift/vintage/used clothing stores in Connecticut or the NYC area?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There's a lot of real expensive ones in the City, evenn the cheap ones have started really charging because as we get 'gentrified' because NYU is raising the rent so high that no one can afford to pay it, either you go expensive or go out of business.

    However in CT I used to love this shop in Middletown on rte 66 right on the edge of town. Not sure if it is a SA but they used to have a price for all jeans, or dresses, or whatever, and you could always find some well worth it; and they consistently had half-price sales.

    Of course this was over 10 years ago and things may have changed. But that's the best spot I ever found.


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