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Do you like Gerard Ways Hair Like It Is Now?

I still like Gerard Way, he's the same person, but I can't help liking his hair better black, and long.

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    I liked his black hair better, but I really admire the reason why he decided to dye his hair blonde....

    [You know, each MCR album has a kind of theme: the new CD is about man dying of cancer or something. So that's why he cut his hair blonde and short, cause that's the way it grows back after cancer treatments]

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    His Hair Is Now Back To Black You Guys

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, I do like it better now. I think he hid behind his black hair, and it's like he isn't hiding now. I like it.

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    1 decade ago


    he looks so funny lookin now ( i mean it wouldnt look that bad if he never had pretty shinney black long hair ) but he did...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i love his hair now.

    i dont really like the long black hair he originally had. its ugly.


    he's hot rightt now.

  • No!!!

    i lurve his hair black and long!!

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