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what should i get a girl for her twentieth birthday?

is the fray cd and a little beany baby puppy a good idea

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    it sounds cute!

    how is ur relationship with her? are you good friends?

    if you are, then i think those are good, because you know her interests and are giving her something cute to remember you by!!

    thats really sweet of you to think of her.

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    Get her a mop,broom,scrub pads, detergent and any other utinsil pertaining to cleaning,cooking and taking care of all your needs. In this way you can groom her into an upstanding young lady and a wonderful wife. Start now! At twenty it may already be too late!

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    if she's your close friend then get her a nice necklace ...

    and if she's your g/f then get her a nice ring...

    she wud love it.

    or u can gift her chocolates if she likes it!

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