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one of dalmatians eyes turns red how come?

i found her the other night on the side of the road and it only does it so often especaily when the puppy gets around her when she mad at the pup

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    cherry eye, infection, allergies, or a broken blood vessel. either way, take it to the vet.

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    I would take her to the vet. Especially since you just "found" her. It may just be allergies, but also she could have an infection in her eye. It isn't normal to just turn red like that. It is normal though for the eyes to turn red when they get agressive. So if you have this dog with your puppy I would be carefull. Red eyes are a sign of aggression and she might harm your pup. It could just be an infection though and you need to have it checked out by a vet.

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    OK....Is it really a red or is it more pink? If Im reading this right you have two dogs an adult and one pup. The question is not clear. but I will address what you have typed. Like many od the other will say its sounds like allergies. But if you have just introduced a new pup or dog to the pack the new one could carry many bugs and viruses.

    Like other it could be infection . which means it could spead to other dogs or people. Anything is possible.

    But you need to take the new dog to a vet too see what critters it may have spead to the others....good luck

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