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my hair is so curly i cant find any way to make it look cute(its not layerd)?


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    i have the same problem.

    1.go to TARGET and get some cute bobby pins with diamonds or little designs on them.

    2.take sections of your hair and pull it back.

    3. pin it up with the bobby pins.


    you could put it back with a really cute headband.

    there a TONS of ways to make curly hair look cute without it being layered. YOU JUST HAVE TO EXPERiMENT a little

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    oh hun i feel u... my hair is naturally curly and falls to my waiste... i have had it layered it's alright for a while until they grow out.. right now it's all one length and i have found that citra shine anti frizz serum works great on the roots and then i use tressemmes anti frizz cream for the ends and i scruntch that in.. if u can't find either of those (and trust me i have had my days when i can't find either of them on my bathroom counter) a bit of baby oil or even hand lotion anything to weigh it down a little will help it from getting frizzy.. u could straighten it (which i have done and hated the way i looked it just wasn't me i have had curly hair for 25 years and being straight haired just was too different for me) but if ur in a hurry just put some product in it scruntch it and go u can do anything with curly hair and it normally looks cute

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    I have ridicuouly curly hair. After shampooing and conditioning, I apply some leave in conditioner (the spray ons are the worst!) in my wet hair and comb through. (paul mitchell "the conditioner" is great or Giovannii organics leave in conditioner are the BEST!) Then I scrunch my hair and fluff it up w/ my hands (when its still wet but not soaking) and I scrunch in some LA looks strongest hold gel. Then I continue to scrunch and fluff up my hair. Then I put in Aussie sprunch spray (probably not the best thing for my hair, b/c of the alcohol in it so try some alcohol free hairsprays). This is the easiest way to get the best looking curly hair, however my hair still gets really annoying (but I hardly have any frizz or flyaways). If you can afford it, get Japanese Hair Straigtening. Its ranges from liek $350-$1000. Here's a link to a really good website w/ pics of it.

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    curly IS cute; many girls work hard to get what God blessed you with. I know, you don't feel very blessed, you want it to look a certain way and it doens't cooperate. but just go look in the mirrow and smile at yourself just the way you are, cause you're already cute :)

    mouse or gel will smoothe it out if that's what you want, and make it lay straighter. a good cut by someone who's good with curly hair will help too, more than you'd think. but first work on self-acceptance and please realize Who made you; He doesn't make mistakes.

    blessings and best wishes,


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    I like to use mousse in mine, i put my head upside down and aply the mousse all over then scrunch it to get ringlets then if it is a crazy day and it just won't do anything I will pull back half of it into a small pony tail and let the rest flow!

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    Nexus Hemectress leave in conditioner. Not alot of mousse. just for the ends and citrashine for after. Your hair will look great. and just for a little extra spray the perfume you like most in your hair. It doesent wear off your hair like your body.

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    Straighten it.Or do something like cutting it.Good Luck!

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    Just be thankful it is healthy and shiny.

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