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Im going to break it to him that im ready to go out with him on new years night. How Should I do this?

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    Kiss him at midnight :]

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    This is you talking on the phone to your boyfriend (let's call him George), "Hello, is that you George? This is CaliGirl, I just called to see how you are doing."

    This is George talking, "Oh, hi Cali, I am alright I guess."

    This is you talking, "How are you spending your New Year's Eve?

    I made no plans for it yet."

    This is George talking, "I have no real plans too."

    This is you talking, "What do you say if we get together for a drink?"

    This is George talking, "That's a good idea Cali. How about going to the club?"

    This is you talking, "That's cool, when should we meet?".......

    It could be that easy. Give him a call and good luck to you and George :).

    Happy New Year!

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    Breaking it to him sound like it's a bad thing.I'm going to let him know that I'm ready to go out with him sounds more like it.

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    Don't assume that he will say 'yes'. He may already have a date. And if he is man of good character, then he will keep his promises.

    Don't break it to him. Ask him out. And see what he says.

    It would be very embarassing for you and for him, if you break it to him and he has to say 'no' to you.

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    Well first u should call him to see what he iz doin and den if he aint doin nothin let him kno whats on yo mind and how u feel bout him dats it gurl its siply and eazy. Jus let him kno cuz den if u let him kno he might tell u somethin and u didnt kno it.

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    However you do it he will feel great! Build up to it, start teasing him by sms early, but wait till you see him in person.

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    when the clock strikes midnight, find him, kiss him, tell him u love him and wanna go out with him!!!!!

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    say, "i gonna make your dreams come true." then give him the short details on how your gonna do it (no sexual pun intended).

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    yup!!! it will be so romantic!!! :) hope it works out and jappy new years :)

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