Why is it People Who Claim to Be Born-Again...................?

Are some of the nastiest,meanest people?? Every person i ever met that said they were born-again were lyers,cheaters,abusers,and just plain rude jerks??? What ever happened to "acting like a christian?" This is not to offend anyone,just my personal experience.Anyone else feel like i do?

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  • Tim 47
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    1 decade ago
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    many people I have met who are wearing Christianity on their sleeve are indeed what you say.

    Over the years, I have been lied to, stolen from and stabbed in the back by many persons claiming to be Christian.

    Conversely, I have met a few people who indeed do justice and honor to their proclaimed namesake.

    True Christians are rare. Yet they do exist.

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    These are not real born again Christians sweetie. These are wanna be Christians. You know, the kinds that dress up in really nice cloths on Sunday and take their kids to church, meanwhile the mother of the kids is too busy trying to discipline her kids and keep them from getting their Sunday cloths dirty. She is not even really hearing the sermon, but notices a friend she sees across the room, so she has to wave at her, all the while, her husband is digging in his pocket for a few quarters to put in the money dish, and both have their minds on the potluck lunch and gossip that takes place AFTER Church is OVER. I am sorry you are running into these kinds of Christians.

    Real born again Christians will not act like this. In fact alot don't attend church if they have a group they can study and pray with at home. Most real born again Christians are usually trying to witness to people as they are told to do in the Bible. If they come up and talk to you, and you feel they are rude, try taking a second look and see if maybe you are not feeling convicted instead. I was the same way you were before I was saved. I use to think that Christians thought they knew it all and that they thought they were better than me until I took a long look at my life one day and realized they were right. Just my opinion. Not trying to be rude or mean or anything.

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    I see your point. and you make a good question and arguement.........

    All human beings are born in sin. When we come to Christ and ask him to come in we are forgiven for our sins. But the deeper cleansing and change takes time. You will probably instantly see the joy and happiness surface. (You would too if your sins had just been forgven!) But growing in Christ takes time and depending on where we come from and what have been through in life it may take a LOOOOONG time! Taking on His love and graciousness is not something that happen overnight.

    Having been at this for 14 years now, hindsight is 20/20. I can remember sitting at McDonalds a few years after accepting Jesus and someone from another church was talking about what they believed and i did not agree. Here I am pounding the table and getting all angry...and for what? Just because the guy is telling me his opinion and how he feels?

    At that time it was all about ME< ME <ME and what I believed and making sure everyone else thought the same way i did. As time has gone on I have seen in my own life that it is now more about JESUS and less about me. And if people don't see things the same way I do, well that's ok. They don't have to stand in front of me someday and explain it. They will have to talk to Him. and maybe I'll find out they were right and I was wrong. That's why He's the Judge and I'm not.

    Doesn't give you free license to do whatever you want to do.....but it does make you stop and think.

    Hope that helps some

    Jesus Loves You

    Rev Shank

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I am a follower of Christ,(christian), and I agree with you. Christians sure do give God a bad name. The term "born again" refers to what happens to a person when God places the spirit of his son,(Jesus), in you. The Bible says that "if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature,(creation). Something has taken place within the spirit of a person and immediate changes do take place. However, other changes take time as the Spirit of God works with us. Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. People do mean and nasty things because they have hurts and anger and stuff still inside them due to things that have happened to them. A parent rejected them, or went thru a divorce, kids at school made fun of them, or they were abused etc. Something that has cause pain and hurt. Jesus said he could heal these things but many people dont know how to let him. Space doesnt allow me to go on, but remember, Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven. You've heard of the word "sanctification"? That is the process in which God changes us as we "let him". This takes time. But, the experience is real and there is nothing else like the experience of knowing that your Heavenly Father loves you unconditionally. He doesnt expect you to be perfect before you give your heart to him. He want a relationship with you just the way you are. He can change the negative parts of you as your relationship develops. Hope this helps.:)

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  • Yes. And I am a Christian. I'm Catholic, so I was born again 8 days after birth, but yeah, I know what you mean.

    The problem is that with Sola Fide you don't have to be accountable for your actions, unlike the Catholic way where you have to do self examinations, ask forgiveness and try not to do it again.

    Unless you're referring to being judgmental. and again, I know what you mean. Phelps- God help his soul. Getting the whole love the sinner hate the sin thing isn't real easy. And even with God's help, it's hard not to be judgmental. some denominations really are though and really encourage it. I don't know what else to tell you.

  • GiGi
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    1 decade ago

    you know I have heard this from so many! Maybe think of it like this....when a person decides to follow Christ they are like infants...learning as they grow. It is a shame that many let their lips move before their brain is activated. It is like a kid saying "my dad can beat your dad up!" It is silly talk usually but most mean no harm. They are just talking out a new way of life. Most are confused with what they should or shouldn't be doing. Sorry you have had a bad experience with some "infants" in Christ.

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    Many kinds of people can use the name of God in vain. Many bad people claim to be born-again to fool others so that those they want to cheat would let their guard down and let them get away with the evil they intend to do. I believe the truly born-again who are touched by God have a zeal in their hearts to obey God and follow faithfully His ways. Some Christians are never changed supernaturally because they are not in churches that have the power to transform them. They are not what God intends them to be and therefore fall short of the expectations of others of Christians. I suspect that the majority of those you have bad experiences with are not true Christians.

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    When you meet a real "Christian" you'll know it and you won't forget the encounter. It's freaky sometimes. They are few and far between, but remember it does take time to change one's heart after they are "saved" so don't expect everyone to just change from bad to good in a day. Some are still climbing the hill.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am sorry you have had such experiences. I assure you that not all Christians behave in this manner. We do all have a bad day now and then but we aren't all lyers, cheaters, and abusers. I hope that one day you will have a pleasant encounter with a christian. Blessings to you.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry you've had this experience. There is no excuse for those actions born-again or not. All I can hope is that you know there are those of us who truly want to show the love of Christ through our lives. I know God will judge the heart and I feel sad and concerned that some will find they were stumbling blocks rather than stepping stones.

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