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Is John Cena in a relashionship or is he single?

He is soooooooooooooo hot by the way I was just wondering

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    i don't know if cena is in a relashionship but i know he's still single

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    At the moment John cena is single

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    I cant say a yes or no exactly cuz no one knows for sure if hez single or in a relationship xcept cena himself..!! But some pics of his supposedly gf surfaced wayy back in may which was stolen frm the girl's myspacem (and she now keeps it private)! So if u wanna check out the pics and the girl's myspace the link is below...!!

    Happy New Year..=D

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    John Cena was last seen in a love triangle between Mikey from the Spirit Squad and the Great Kali. But Mikey dumped him, as he's 10 times the man Cena is, and that's saying alot......

    j/k, I say things like that because A) Cena's an easy target, and B) I know the family.

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    John Cena as far as I know IS currently single.To the girl who gave his "girlfriends" myspace link,Thats not his girlfriend,she's his ex-girlfriend.Her name was Liz and not Michelle so I dunno why the myspace would be Www.Myspace.Com/JohnsMichelle.She probably keeps it private cause people know she is lying and yell at her for it.But they aren't together anymore (John and Liz I mean).If you see John Cena's 5 questions he says he is single so..that should be your answer.

    Source(s): Www.WWE.Com
  • I have been wondering the same thing, but I think that he is not taken.

  • 1 decade ago

    He has a girlfriend people. Look in the pictures section from the following site.

    Source(s): www.wrestlezone.com
  • 1 decade ago

    I think right about now he is single

  • 1 decade ago

    http://www.pwpix.net/superstars/j/johncena/gallery... this is the site if u want to see his "girlfriend". in the article that i read on the site, it said that him and this woman have been seen everywhere even at his house and at the bar. she has a myspace, but its on private.

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    yo john cena is single cuz you wanna know why

    cuz he takes steroids and his ding a ling is too small

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