Should i give this a chance & if so how do i do it with out being so nervouse???

Ummm help??? i called my ex bf the other night to see how his x-mas was n stuff! and he asked me if i got a sk8bord and i said yea so then i said when can u teach me how to use it and he said tuesday when i go back to school and now im panicking becuz i know ill really start to fall for him even more!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! i dont know what to do

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  • Liz
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    1 decade ago
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    You are a living example for why children should not mess with adult relationships that they can't understand. Get someone else to teach you how to ride your skateboard.

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    Teenage relationships help us learn how to deal with complex emotions like falling in love. When someone ends a relationship, it's usually not a good idea to call again for a while (while you still feel something for them). "Let's be friends" is a myth, because it takes time. Perhaps it is what you are learning now. You look for them again, and you're in there (in the past) again. But it didn't work out, did it? Don't blame yourself for making a mistake. But learn from it and move on. There's plenty of fish in the sea! Good luck!

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    If he cannot return the feelings, cancel and do not bug him. He sounds like a nice guy. Ask him if there is a chance for you to get back together. If he says no, tell him you must let go and that you won't be contacting him anymore. You need time to heal.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well.....just let nature take it's course. If you know you'll fall for him and know you can't have him and know seeing him is only going to cause attachment and pain- an want-just walk away; let it go. You don't need this misery. I know someone who loved his SOS very much to the point where he loved her so much-they decided because of her conflicts-because she just couldn't accept herself in him-although they loved each other-because they came from different worlds-they decided to never see each other again-and since they said goodbye they have never regretted it-because they knew being together or at least trying to would only cause heartache and pain and attachment that would not work at all, and never seeing each other was the best thing they did and altough it was love-it was for the best they separate. So, let him go, and avoid seeing him-if you know it is not going to work, it is in your best interest to never see him again-sometimes letting go of someone you deeply love is for the best and ironically that is where you find happiness.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you already messed up by calling your EX its too late now just dont fall for him again, you're still young and have lots of time

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