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why dont guys like me?long, but i need the help?

i know this question is asked soooo many times but for real. i never brag, and i dont think im that pretty but. i have a body like

a victorias secret model, and my face looks like a mix of Kelly leBrock and Jacqueline Bisset. so im alright on looks... i guess even my cousin whos older than me and sooo popular said you know your my cousin but you are pretty..

and there is this girl at school who all the guys like. im not being mean and selfish, but again for real. she does not have that pretty of a face, she acts like a slut, guys say she has a great body, but she dont, really she has short legs and is a bit chubby. but has huge boobs. anyway..

my personality is what i think the problem is. i guess guys dont like hyper, crazy girls. cant sit still. what do you like guys.

what is wrong with me?

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    There is nothing wrong with you. You just have to be patient and wait for the right guy for you to come. You never know there might be someone who likes you and is just too scared or shy to tell you.

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    You know, life has weird ways of telling us when things are 'meant to be'.

    There could be many factors as to why you may not be getting the attn you deserve:

    1. Maybe guys are intimidated by you. They feel that because of your physical appearance (which you described) that if they do approach you, they'll get rejected. (And you know how sensitive guys are about this possibility).

    2. Are you in the right crowd such that the people you are looking for are also present? ie. if you're into sports, don't expect the man of your dreams to walk up to you in a library, you know??

    3. The energy we humans emit is also a big factor. Are you a happy individual? Are you depressed? Ever wonder why depressed and sad people are always single/fail in relationships?

    Hope I've helped.

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    It sounds like you're not very confident. Just because you're pretty and know it doesn't mean you act in a way that will attract people. Of course I don't know you in real life so i could be way off base, but it doesn't sound like you like yourself all that much. And jealousy is never pretty. The guys probably like the girl you described because as you said, she has big boobs... but she also probably has lots of girlfriends, is very outgoing and fun, and i guess is charismatic. I'm attractive but if i sit around and sulk and/or just don't say anything I don't get guys gravitating toward me. When i act friendly, smile, etc., that is when i get approached. You say you're hyper... are you like annoyingly hyper? If so, then people don't like that either.

    Another suggestion... maybe guys are intimidated by your looks if you're so pretty. It's entirely possible guys are just afraid to approach you. In either case, make yourself approachable. A smile says a lot.

    Or maybe you wear too much makeup... maybe you seem snotty and stuck-up... it could be anything. Act as nice and friendly as you can, flirt with the guys a bit and i'm sure they will like you. You're probably just not giving them a chance. There isn't anything wrong with you i'm sure... sometimes we just give off the wrong vibes, you know? Sometimes people think i'm bitchy if i'm just being shy. Maybe you have something similar. Good luck =)

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    Well, usually guys DO like calmer girls (tho i myself like hyperness haha) It may be just that the boys around there are all stupid... But hey, be happy. I have the same problem ony flipped all around... I dont really have that great of a body but i've got a good personality, and i cant get a girl. Just hold out there and maybee try to broaden your horizons and youll be surprised what turns up.

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    It depends on you. Girls are looking for a confident man, it is also the same for Guys. Yeah looks help but trust me when it comes down to it, 90% of guys would rather be with a girl that yes is attractive but who is also fun to be around and is herself. Hot girls that are fake loose their appeal very fast. Unless your talking about high school boys that are so horney they will do any girl that they can get get.

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    first off there is nothing wrong with you, you are who you are and dont change that for anyone, if they dont accept you, *** em.

    personally, i have a gf who is a little of everything, two weeks she horny as hell and happy, 1 week shes depressed and pissed off, thats her pms week and 1 week shes just crappy and realllllly mean, i'd never call her a ***** so yeah thats why i ddint say that cuz sehs not a *****. girls are unique people. so are guys.

    u just gotta not be hyper as hell, be your self u know, and wait, dont go looking but wait, i waited, and look what happend to me i am in love with the girl i want to merry.

    wait and it will come, trust me its happend to me. hope this helps

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    sound like you want every one to tell you that your pretty and there nothing wrong with you

    so here goes: your so so pretty how can I get with you, your beauty is so spell binding you have the body of a Greek God, I think I love you

    how about that did it help any

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    no matter how much info you give its hard to say but how about this the people that get the most attention are those that show they are more than worhty if you carry yourself as a queen and only accept treatment as such you will find your loyal subjects

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    nothing theres probably a guy out there who already likes you but is way to scared to tell you plus looks arnt everything

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