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What do u think of USC telling reggie bush to not come to the rose bowl?

apparently, when bush called to get his creditionals for the game, they told him he wasnt getting any and told him to not show up to the game. go to for more information. i love how they let a murderer (OJ) at practices and games and let snoop at games, but not a guy who was one of the reasons they were in the title game last year.

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    I think it's suchhhhh a lack of respect on the part of USC. Reggie brought them sooooooooo much in his reign at the school its mind-boggling that they would shun him like this. It's like they used him to get them their trophey and as soon as he accomplishes that hes all of the sudden not-worthy. Its disgusting...and makes them look distasteful and has cost them many fans i am sure. It's just as stupid as the controversy over whether Bush desereves his heisman or not. But in my opinion, let USC do whatever they want, whos the one making the big bucks in the nfl? Yeahhhhh i think we all know who really wins in this situation. ;-)

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    Reggie Bush is only one player that has ever attended USC, but he may be the reason that USC loses national championships, recieves fines/penalties, and all games he's played in because he may be proven to have done illegal things. Do you remember what has happened to other programs like Auburn? They went 11-0 and still did not see a bowl game, worth millions of dollars to the school, because of similar violations. What, do you people believe that USC is so bad because they want to distance themselves from someone who they probably already know the truth about? Do you also think that Ohio State should welcome back Maurice Clarett with open arms and place him on the sidelines like Texas does with Matthew McConaughey? Do you really think Texas would let Matthew McConaughey on the sidelines if he was anything less than a movie star? How about if he was a drug adict, rapist, or murderer? Do you think any school would place these people in a position of visibility with any collegiate program? You can say all you want about OJ, but remember this, the judges voted into office by "the people", the jury that speaks "for the people", and the hired prosecutors did not prove that OJ did anything wrong. So OJ is innocent, just like Michael Jackson is innocent of child molestation. See how it works? Do you really expect anything less? And can you look yourself in the mirror and say that you would allow any of these people on the sidelines during a game? I have coached football for 20 years and if ever given the grand opportunity to coach in college football I would make damn sure that only the finest people surrounded my players and staff and ensured that my school was represented by the finest people possible. And you're damn straight that I would cut anyone one of them loose after something so meaningless and stupid would jepordize my program.

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    "On April 24, 2006, a week before the 2006 NFL Draft, a report surfaced from Yahoo! Sports exclusively raising questions about whether Bush's family received improper benefits during Bush's final college season. The questions involved a home valued at $757,000 located in Spring Valley, California which Reggie Bush's mother, stepfather and brother lived in during the 2005 season. The home was owned by a man with ties to a recently started sports marketing company. If Bush and his family paid less than fair market value on the rental, then this would equate to a gift prohibited by NCAA policies. USC Athletic Director Mike Garrett said the school has requested that the Pacific-10 Conference look into the matter.[14] If Bush is ruled ineligible, USC could be forced to forfeit every game that Bush played in after losing his eligibility. The school could also be put on probation or banned from bowl games but that would likely depend on how much it knew or should have known about any violations. Bush could also potentially risk losing his 2005 Heisman Trophy because the official Heisman ballot states the following: "In order that there will be no misunderstanding regarding the eligibility of a candidate, the recipient of the award must be a bonafide student of an accredited university. The recipient must be in compliance with the bylaws defining an NCAA student." Bush's former teammate Winston Justice has also been linked to this report.[15] According to some reports Bush's family received money as early as October 2004, which theoretically could put USC's 2004 national championship title from that season in jeopardy.[16]

    Allegations of improper financial windfalls to Bush resurfaced on September 14, 2006, when Yahoo! Sports again exclusively reported news of more than $100,000 in benefits Bush and his family received from marketing agents while Bush played at USC. The web site reported that the benefits, which could lead the NCAA to retroactively declare Bush ineligible and level sanctions against the Trojans, were supplied by two groups that were attempting to sign Bush as a client. The report was based on an eight-month investigation by Yahoo! Sports, citing documents and interviews with on-the-record sources close to the situation. It lists several instances in which Bush and his family appear to have received financial benefits. [17]

    Bush declined to comment when reached by Yahoo! Sports, however, Mike Ornstein, Bush's marketing agent who is alleged to have paid financial benefits, denied wrongdoing, telling Yahoo! that accusations of cash payments are lies.

    After skipping a mandatory team meeting on July 28, 2006 as part of a contract hold-out, he signed a contract for six years the following day and reported on July 30. The deal includes $26.325 million guaranteed and $51 million total. Incentives can bring the deal up to $62 million.[18] Reggie Bush was fined $10,000 by the NFL for wearing gold and black adidas cleats. The NFL only allows Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour apparel because of a signed marketing agreement. Bush commented "adidas took care of it" in response to the fine."

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    USC is afraid that if the NCAA sees Bush on the sidelines they will think that USC is condoning his behavior for taking money while attending USC. Remember USC is still under investigation for Bush's money transactions and could lose their national championship. THey could also get probation.

    SInce all this has come about, I have to wonder what exactly went on behind the scenes during Bush's final season.

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    USC ought to have punted. that they had 4th and 2 on the Texas 40 5 backyard line. Texas held them, and Vince youthful and the Texas in basic terms had to bypass fifty 5 yds for the prevailing landing, while if USC had punted, punted into the tip zone for a touchback, Texas might have had to bypass 80 yds for the prevailing landing.

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    I think it's classless by USC, like all of a sudden they want to 'distance' themselves from Reggie Bush. I guess they think people can't remember him playing there last year.

    Yeah, there's some real smart people over there at USC making that decision.

    What's funny is, now that's the main question everybody will be asked from coaches to players on USC, causing even more of a distraction.

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    I think it's hilarious, he was just there last year and now they're treating him like trash. Wow, what a great school USC is proving to be to their alumni. haha

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    WTF! I will have to look at that. I have never been a fan of USC, but now they can really kiss my butt. They have a short memory, that's for sure.

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    Its simple, money talk, B/S walk. This thing is biggerr than us.

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    ummmm...didnt hear about it...reggie is a cool brutha!!

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