i'm building a carport using preformed blocks with anchors on level ground next to a slope. how can i brace it

the size is ten feet wide by twenty feet long and eight feet tall with four foot truss on on top. its being built on a level black top. i dug holes for the blocks. its free standing but i would like to add some support. its to far from the house to brace it. its about two feet from a hillside that drops about twenty feet. whats the best method and material bury on the slope and run a support towards the top.im using 4x6 on top of 4x4's. it will have roof shingles.


correction, i will use 4x4 braces from my post to my beams, not on the bottom. its a windy area in the mountains by big bear. i used huge pine trees a few feet away as temp. braces while building it as i had nothing else nearby. some how i would like to brace it from the 4x6 beam on the hill side and tie in to something i can bury deep to tie in to it.i was thinging of buring a 20ft galv. fensce post on the hillside with about 5 ft exposed and carriage bolt 2x4's ukp to the beam, about 4 of them, one for every post.

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    I can't see your picture, however, on the finish, we normally brace the beams with 45 degree braces. Which would need four anchor bolts on your columns(two on each side that under the beams) for the plates. Then nail the 45 braces to the up right plates, and beams.

    For the rough, I rarely seen braces on block columns. You may want to use a plank up-right support with two 45 braces, nailed to spike pins(iron) or plates with ramset nails inside the garage on the hillside, and outside where you can nail use wooden-spike in the ground.

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