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Who's this guy off "The Simpsons" .. ?

Umm I don't really watch The Simpsons much but he is like kinda weird & scary and he always wears a suit. In one episode he was telling Liza this big long story that she told Homer when they were trapped in a cave. Who is that guy ?!!!

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    Mr. Burns! :D (Charles Montgomery Burns)

    He's rich and evil, and he wears a suit.

    ...I think it's him... <<...

    Lisa was being chased by a goat or something, and she ran into his house, then both were being chased, and then they went into the attic and he told her a story, and it was like a story within a story thing. @_@

    **Oh, and Happy New Year! :D

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    I think that you're talking about Moe the Bartender.

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    its the jazz person... i forgot his name

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