What are anti-oxidantes? which fruits are good for diabetic patients?

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    anti oxidants help fight free radicals in your body; they help prevent cancer. brightly colored foods such as carrots, tomatoes, squashes, spinach, other dark green vegies, corn, apples, blueberries, pomagranates, raspberries, elderberries, oranges, dark grapes, soy products such as soy milk, soy nuts, soy based foods, popcorn and fiber such as whole wheat,whole grain, pastas, cereals, crackers. as a diabetic, you should be eating a high fiber, low fat, diet with plenty of exercise. make healthy food choices instead of eating a food just because the carb content fits into your plan. use olive oil and eat fish to help with good cholesterol. fresh, brightly colored, low fat, high fiber foods, water, green tea, red tea, and nutrient dense foods are good for you. take care of your general health and your diabetes will not affect your lifestyle.

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    What are anti-oxidantes? which fruits are good for diabetic patients?

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    If you are a diabetic, I would consult with your doctor or a nutritionist as opposed to yahoo! answers on what you would like in your diet. Be a good consumer and help out all those nutritionists who spend $$ on getting a degree in that area : )

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    Berries are good for diabetics.

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    anti oxidants, A C, E . fruit is basically water and sugar in a skin, low sugar fruits, blue berries and strawberries.

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    the fruits that are good are all.but the ones that help lots are oranges;and apples ;bananas;and grapes..juices are good also.ask a druggist which oxidantes are good for diabetics...good-luck and happy new years always

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