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do cables even matter that much?

some people swear by it, and some say that after speaker cables you cant tell the difference. I do believe that your system is only as good as your cables so i bought all THX certified cables to pair with my onkyo reciever and my infinity TSS speakers. what's your opinion on this topic?

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    You could replace your speaker cables with lamp cord and you'd never hear the difference.

    Small-signal cables are different, because poor shields or bad shell connections can allow hum or noise to be injected into the final amp.  But aside from a non-oxidizing conductor on the surface (gold plating, used widely in electronics) and good braided shields, I doubt very much that you're going to hear differences there either.

    Break a shield or have a poor connection, you'll hear it!

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    I asked this same question to Ivor Tiefenbrun, the founder of Linn (very high-end home audio, out of Scotland). He was doing a promotion/product tour around the US, about 8? years ago.

    To paraphrase his answer:

    Sure it matters. Different sets of cables will produce a different sonic result. You have to try different cables and find the one that you like the best. It'll be a different cable for each particular set of ears. But there is no BEST cable, just the ones that sound the best to you, in your environment.

    The part I like the most was when he said:

    Now, if you go out and spend $1,000 / ft on pure silver cables, you KNOW you have the BEST cables because you just spent $10,000 just for the cables. But then, you'd have to hire someone to go around every couple of hours and clean the silver connectors due to oxidation.

    After a certain price break, he said anything better than old lamp cord, they're all about the same, but they will all sound different.

    You can certainly tell the difference.

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    Good question.

    The most important cables are before the amplification occurs. You should use well shielded cables and stay digital as long as possible. Speaker wires need to be big enough, but they are not at as much risk of picking up interference.

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    Unless you have really high quality components it won't make a difference

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