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EX-WIFE to show at function in Florida?


My husband and I have a function in Florida this May to honor my stepson and his ex-wife will be attending. She's quite audacious and loves to make sexual suggestions to my husband in front of me and her husband at any given opportunity. Though, this doesn't worry me, I am concerned about "showing her up" and looking mighty fine and arrive in a sexy, but classy outfit, preferably a low-cost fashion designer label.

My profile is as follows:

Dark brown eyes and hair, shoulder length;

5ft6in, 110pds, size 0 dress

32, 25, 32 measurements

Toned like Jada Pinkett Smith, but taller

Olive complexion, prominent features--some say I resemble Cher with shoulder length hair (we have similar ethnic backgrounds).


***Only the serious and creative minded need respond!!!

Thanks, peace!


BTW: I am definitely confident and comfortable in my skin. This is a definite situation of survival of the fittest and to create a teensy bit of jealousy on her end. For example: she received breast augmentation 6 mos after she met me....I found this quite interesting, though not the least bit surprising.

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    While she may act and look like a vixen, you should show that you are smart and beautiful...outclass her in maybe some of these dresses:

    hope this helps :)

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    my girlfriend told me to tell you this....

    you already have a great body. you just need to remind your husband that you have a great body and while your at, let everyone else know it also. go shopping like you are going to a party, unmarried, and want every man to drool over you. remember what you wore to impress you husband when you first starting dating. and dont worry about the price. buy what you want and after seeing you in it, he will be happy to pay for it. something a little more sexy than your normal attire but still classy.something to make him want to be buy your side all the time so no one will hit on you. he will forget about every other woman in the world.

    she also recommended some "teasing" while getting dressed so he is...well you know... at the event.

    basically remind him of what he has and dont worry about the other girl. a quick glimpse is all she deserves. do not check out her outfit, you look 100 times better than her and everyone in the room knows it, even her.

    i am just a dumb guy. i dont know the games women play, but it sounds like good advice to me.

    good luck

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    Sounds like you need a simple low cut, evening gown. black or red. Send me a picture

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    try to wear something with a simple and sexy edge while at the same time bringing out the color of your eyes and your visage.

    go with it...

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    Why do you need to show her up? Sounds like you're a little insecure.

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