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Question towards the religious?

What is your opinion on fossils and other archeological findings stated to be millions of years old? ....and radioactive dating? God bless, Val

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    I believe that the fossil record is fascinating, showing perhaps hundreds (if not thousands) of otherwise forgotten species.

    I do take issue with the dating process. I really feel the numbers have been inflated, perhaps deliberately. Radiocarbon dating is not that reliable of a method. Its one particular weakness is its assumption that the carbon-14 output of the sun is (and has always been) a constant. Especially if biiiiiillllions and biiiilllliions of years have really passed, this is a really stupid assumption! Who knows what portion of the Earth was bombarded with what rad, and when?

    On top of that, some living creatures have been subjected to carbon-14 dating. The currently-living thing was "calculated" to be over 3,000 years old!

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    And God bless you as well, Val. May your new year know his peace.

    I find it fascinating and exciting - a continual source of WOW. My God is so great!

    Genesis is a much abused book by those who would discount faith and by those who want proof rather than faith. In point of fact there are at least 2 maybe 4 authors of the book. There are separate creation stories in ch. 1 and 2. And a great deal of the story can be found in the much older Gilgamesh Epic from the land of Ur - where Abraham was raised. The Biblical story of creation is a profound document integrally woven into the very fabric of our being. It is not a carbon dated scientific textbook.

    There is such delight in imagining a saber tooth tiger - running the other way, of course.

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    It takes direct sunlight to achieve proper radio active carbon13 data.Before the flood,there was no direct sunlight.The atmosphere was covered in a dense water canopy.The fact that the environment was pure and the lack of sunlight cotributed to the length of life of Adam up to noah.Notice that after the sun was direct after the flood ,lifespans went down ,and down until they leveled out at 70 years.As for fossils most are found in jumbles because of the flood.Job chapter 40 talks about a dinosaur,called Behemoth.He stands in the rushing water,eats grass,has a tail like a cedar tree and is fierce.Crocs eat meat,Hippos and Elephants have little twig tails so what is it.God says He made "it" along with man.My guess is the Earth is millions of years old but life as we know it is around 10 to 20,000 yrs old.

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    Well, how can you be sure that the dating being used is accurate, all I know is that the number of years of age of fossils and other things even the age of the eart and so on are being stated as fact so often, yet I know that the fact is that none of those who are statin theser numbers as fact were alive at this alleged amount of years back, so how can they possibly know these calculations as being facts that they present them to be?calculations are not always correct and, my oppinion is that these figures are just guess work that is being used to Just prove things to their own desired opinions, not necessarily true fact. I mean really how often truly can someone guess your age or anything else I know one thing, a lot of people used to guess my age wrongly at most of my life timeeven nowadays, which just goes to show how wrong guesses can be, and at least if someone is guessing my age they can look at me to have some idea but still fail to tell me the age I know that I am, yet fossils do not have any tell-tale signes as to their age at all, so with taking into consideration how many guesses of my age were righ and how many wrong I would say that guessing is not something to be trusted at all. And my informed and experience in guess work tells me not to trust guesses! That is how I feel just to illustrate lets just say that someone wants to give you a dare for instance they put ten Glasses of water on the Table, then you are told that all the glasses of water are containing poison, except only one is just plain clean water good to drink then they say pick one and drink it. would you do it?There is one out of 10 chance that you will pick the one glass that is ok to drink but you did not see which glass didn't get anything else but water put into itand neither did your friend that is standing next to you, your friend points to one of the Glasses and tells you I think that this is the one, drink this one, Would you trust your friends guess? Well for me I think I would rather know the truth about which glass before I drink it, this same thing I think is the case with the guessing of how old a fossil how can one possibly trust in a guess by someone who just guesses without any facts or real proof that this is so. I pray for God's blessing be with you

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  • God's Foot Prints of his Creation.

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    If fossils were millions of years old we would be up to our ears in fossils

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    i believe in evolution and creation. i believe in blending sciencetific facts with my religious beliefs. i am a christian too.

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    i think the archaeologist know what they are doing and know how old everything is

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    Doesn't mean anything.

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