Can someone survive after taking 9 ecstasy pills?

ok i saw my friend at newyears eve and he was F*CKED, his eyes were bloodshot red and the pupils were big u couldnt see the colour of his eyes only the huge pupils. he was realy hyper and told me he took 9 ecstasy pills. NEways me and my other friends thought he was realy stupid to do that plus we wanted to get him back for some stuff he did, so we got on the tube and went with him to some far away place at about 330 and then left him there and came back home he was jumping around like a psycho in the park, but do u think he realy cud have taken 9 pills???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No, he won't die unless they are bad pills. When I used to party, ten was a standard good night. 9 at once might be alittle scary, but, just keep an eye on him.

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    5 years ago

    If you really want to take it, which I don't recommend, just take one if it's the real deal. I've had pills last me about 6 hours. I can tell for a fact that if it only lasted 30-40 minutes it was not MDMA. The only drug that I know of that would last that short is cocaine, so it was either that or a placebo effect. Not only does MDMA make you depressed but you never know what you are going to get. It's almost as common to get methamphetamine then it is to get MDMA. And the stuff you got before was not MDMA for sure, so you've already done some drug which you don't even know what was. I hate to lecture people about this **** but I really recommend that you avoid that drug, especially if you don't want to be a risk taker. If you do find something called Molly however, that is pure MDMA. Not that MDMA is healthy at all, but you at least know what you're getting with that.

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    Who knows. Every pill of ecstacey causes brain damage (yes its true, why the stuff is so dangerous) so who knows what 9 could do. Every pill is different. Some are stronger than others, many dont even contain the same chemicals. It's kinda like playing with a loaded gun.

    Source(s): Degree in crimminal justice including training with DEA agents.
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    I don't know about 9....that's a lot....I'm pretty sure he would have had a heart attack or something along those lines....maybe he took 2-3.....and just thinks he took 9 because he's out of it. And by the way.....ditching your high friend is not cool. If he dies....that can fall back on your hands.....would you like to be ditched by your friends while you were tripping? Probably not....

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  • 1 decade ago

    thats a tough call..all of my friends do extacy so i know first hand but usually they do like 3-4 and there f* its a tough perdicament.. but i think he's lying.. if you read up on extacy it keeps you up for at least 24 hours, and it makes you feel so happy so i would say he only did 3-4..that or hes faking about even taking it.. my friend admitted he faked it and he went to this club and he told all his friends he took it and there like yeahlook at his pupils there huge..but he had nothing.. and if your in the dark your pupils do go huge.. maybe he smoked marajuana.. hope i helped

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    Depends. Some people died after taking just one.

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