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Who is more worth the money they are getting?

Vernon Wells or Alfonso Soriano and tell me WHY you think so

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    Wells is the better deal. Soriano is just a pain to deal with if your the manager. He's like a crying baby if he doesn't get his way. But, with that aside let go into the real reason's why Wells is a better value.

    First off Wells is premier fielder to go along with a VERY solid bat. Well's has hit over .300 three times in his career and will consistently hit .300 for the next few years or better barring any injury. Wells career fielding percentage is .993 and last year was one of his worst seasons at .988. He has three consecutive gold gloves. Also Wells has never had a year he's SO more than 100 times. Has hit over 100 RBI's in 3 of his 5 season's he became an everyday players and only missing one year by 3 RBI's. He also has a better career on base percentage.

    Soriano I'm just going to throw the many reason in list format so to ease the pain.

    Only 2 years with more than 100 rbi's (104 &102 just bearly too)

    6 stright years with OVER 120 strike outs.

    career .970 fielder with 124 error (compared to Wells 14 TOTAL)

    Now intangable: Wells is younger, a team leader, and a community contributor. Well's is giving away $1 million of his contract to charity.

    Boil it down there really isn't much of a competition. Soriano get's more HR's but which matter's more HR's, or RBI's? I would prefer a player who can drive in more run and put points on the scoreboard. Also Soriano is a better baserunner.

    I'd rather have all the other listed qualites though. Most of the other statistics are very close to comparison Hit's, Runs, doubles. If you break them all down into at bat's you can calculate they are very simalar.

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    I believe that both players are vastly overpaid in the grand scheme of things. Vernon Wells might still be young, I think he's 28, or just turned that, but his career high in homeruns and rbi's has been 33 homers and 117 rbi's, and he did that in the same year mind you. Since then his numbers have actually dropped in overall production, with 2004 being a very dismal year for him with 23 homers and 67 rbi's (though he did have injuries that year so we'll let him slide there) Now is he worth 136 million? Nah

    Soriano, if you look at his career numbers, you'd get statistically a guy that will give you for the most part mid 30's home runs and low 100's in rbi's, on average. I know , he hit 46 last year so is he primed to go up or down? Well, he is about to be 30 years old, I think, so you could argue that he's hit his prime years, but let's just compare his last three years with David Ortiz's last three years and then compare contracts: Soriano - 2004 .280 - 28 dingers, and 92 rbi's 2005: 268, 36 dingers, and 104 rbis'

    and his best year (no coincidence for the contract year) 2006 .277 46 dingers, and 95 rbi's

    Now lets show David Ortiz's numbers as a comparison to how ridiculous he's underpaid and how ridiculous soriano is overpaid

    2004: .301, 41, 139 rbi's

    2005: .300, 47, 148 rib's

    2006: .287 ,54, 137 rbi's

    Those are ridiculous numbers for his prime years beginning, he's only 31 and getting pad more than half of what soriano will be paid

    Enough Said, that also goes for Vernon Wells

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    If I'm going anybody that type of money it's going to be a 25+ game winning pitcher.

    However in this case I will have to take Soriano. He's just coming off a 40/40 season in one of biggest parks in the league. Now he's hitting in one of the smallest with a healthy Lee and Ramirez hitting behind him. He is going to have a nice season.

    Vernon Wells's numbers are ok but not worth what Toronto paid.

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    ok, let's face facts. As long as no one else has contract worth a quarter of a BILLION dollars, nobody is being grossly overpaid. But lets just look at soriano. I admit I hate his attitude, but if the Nationals had paid him, they would have had a marquee player to put butts in seats when they build their new stadium. And as far as the Cubs go, they have got to show their fans that they are committed to winning after screwing up so badly in recent years. They had to have someone besides Derek Lee who completely scared opposing pitchers. With Soriano they have that, and I believe that his defense will get better also. Cubs have what it takes to be major players in the NL Central this year. Is that worth the money?

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    Wells. He is younger, is a better fielder, plays a premier defensive position (CF) and can produce roughly the same numbers. He strikes out less as well, and is less of a headache in the clubhouse. That being said, I don't say that in this market that Soriano is not worth the money he is receiving, I just believe that Wells is the better value.

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    I'd have to say the Giants new ace Barry Zito! You really can't say this about many pitchers but he's been a star for 7 years now, Cy Young in 03 etc etc and has never missed a start! Baseball players have gotten very lazy compared to the Pete Rose's of the say 60's through the early 80's!

    P.S. But as much as I like Zito nobody is worth $130 million for 7 years! NOBODY! Thats figures to be approx. $550,000 per start!

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    NEITHER they r overpaid...Vernon Wells 6th largest contract n baseball history COME ON R U SERIOUS, nd Soriano whoa

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    In todays market its gotta be Albert Pujols,hes gonna go down as one of the greatest to play the game.People are already saying that and hes only played 6 seasons,if he stays healthy Bonds can't hit enough HR's Albert is sure to surpass him

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    you know wells, soriano, zito are laughing their @sses off to the bank.

    but here's one where the owner is laughing his @ss off.

    Miguel Cabrera making $700k as a Florida Marlin

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    Wells. JP Ricciardi structured his contract brilliantly - he doesn't make more than $10 million until 2010.

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