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where i can get a hedgehog? how about the shipping?

i want to have a hedgehog for a family pet. i research many web site and find the breeder in my area, which is WA. but i cannot get one right now im on a wating list. if anyone knows where i cna get one, please tell me. there is no hedgehog at petco. then can i order them for a hedgehog? well... i can get one from another states but is it okay? i mean im so worry about it's health. i really want to have it and it is my first pet so i dont want let it die so quickly. please help me.. i hope a lot of info. thanks !!!

(oh! and i know a hedgehog is a wild animal but it begins to be a pet.)

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    Call around to other pet stores but your best bet for a healthy animal is to wait for the breeder. The biggest problem with hedgehogs is finding a vet who is knowledgeable about them. Nothing is worse than having a beloved pet get sick and the vet can't help it. So before you get a hedgehog. Find a vet who can treat it. That way you already have a vet to examine your new pet to make sure he's healthy.

    Source(s): Me, my beloved hedge is 4 1/2 years old.
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    Call all of your area pet stores. In NY state they are in some of the stores. Make sure to investigate what A hedgehog needs, they are a "hiding" animal and need a lot of space.

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    try petsmart or even a pet store out of town good luck hedgehogs are addorable

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    Go to www (dot)

    (I know... the dot cc is some place in the Pacific... just trust me and type it in. The owner got that domain to match Critter Connection.

    They are located in Ohio. (I'm in IN) The website is VERY informative.

    The site will tell you all you need to know...upkeep, cost for animal and shipping.

    Hedge hogs need special care... are you up to the task? ;)

    Please, first, go to the site and spend some time reading...

    then decide if you still want to own and care for one.

    Source(s): I met the owner at a Reptile and critter show in Indianapolis earlier this year.
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    some pet stores have them

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    If you live near a flea market they might have them.

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    check out

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