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Love advice!!?

have this guy who

s acting pirculiar... there was one occasion.. that while I was talking to him.. he didn't give any eye contact, the entire time we talked , then I noticed he had his hands in his hoodie pocket, he just acted nervous the entire time, then at the end of the

conversation , he asked me how my christmas was...I I told him it was okay..then he asked so who did you spend it with...And I told him just family. Then the next day, I seen him.then later on, he comes up to me and he's like oh..your face..and I asked what about it, he look so sad...and I really don't want to see you like that and he wants to cheer me up and he asked me what I was listening to on my ipod...and he started cracking some jokes...and then he asked me so when will you be back here at the gym again..I told him probably tommorrow..and he was like well I'll be messing with you tommorrow what do you think? Do you think he's flirting or just being cordial? And if so why no asked out

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    flirting ya

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    Why are you so intrigued? He probably is flirting but doesn't have much experience so why don't you school him a little and help the situation? Sounds like you could be interested. Why don't you ask him out and see what he says?

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    totally flirting. The whole no eye contact thing? Yeah. Flirt back if you like him!

  • Anonymous
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    i think he is just trying to remain friends , hates to see you hurt. but honestly...i don't think he wants you back. he just don't want to see you hurt.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well....Ask him why he treats you extra special....

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