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Who is your most annoying relative? How do they annoy you?

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    My Grandmother! She is still breathing. :)

    Ever since I can remember she just irritates me. She's like Elizabeth Taylor and Barbara Walters combined. Nothing against those ladies, but she's had every disease known to man and she thinks she knows everything. And her voice! OMG Nails on a chalk board. She loves to talk too! She can turn "Hi how are you into a 1 sided, 3 hour conversation.

    She just thinks she's better than everyone else and I don't like that in a person.

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    My most annoying relative would be my brother. He is 35 years old and he finally moved out on his own with the help of our Mother who lives beside him. He was unable to get things in his own name, so my mom helped him. He drinks a lot also, which doesn't help his attitude towards people at his work place. I found out a few days before Christmas that he was fired again. My mom didn't know when I asked her about it. Now, I fear that she is going to be working as much as she can to support her as well as my brother. She is almost 60 years old, she does not need this extra stress. He needs to grow up and get a life.

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    Lol actually my most annoying relative would probably have to be my dad I know it sounds mean but he hasn't been around for 14 years of my life and now he trys to control me and says that ima get grounded for stuff I do and that he is going to take my phone from me and my computer so ya hes my most annoying relative haha

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    I have several of my relatives that annoy me.they annoy me because they gossip and love to stir up some tpye of problems all the time....You can,t open your mouth and say anything or they make up something to go with it and it is all over the family members before night fall,and its all just a bunch of lies...I love my family but they cannot keep their mouth shut...........

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    It would have to be my aunt, she loves to embarrass you in public, she would hold great BIG panties up in wal-mart, and yell at me across the store, where everyone could hear " hey Nicky, do you think these will fit so-in-so!!! And she would pass gas in a restaurant, and say Nicky!!. Now, that one about ticked me off. So, now when she ask me to go to town with her, I tell her I have to work, or be somewhere, because I never know what she is gonna do next.Now that is annoying lol......

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    My mother-inlaw. She is never in my life, my hubby's life, or our son's life. Yet for some odd reason she will freak out if she doesn't get family pictures in the mail by a certain time that she has made up in her mind. Oh and the fact that she doesn't talk to me she only talks to my hubby, keep in mind my hubby due to being in the military lives temporarily a couple states away from our son and me.

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    My sister is the most annoying person to me she spits, makes animal noises, farts in public, spits food when she laughs to much, talks none stop. and screams like a mad woman.

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    My son and daughter in law who use their children as pawns between both families to get more and more stuff for the kids.


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    My uncle cuz he has some money and he acts like an azzhole b/c of it.

    His sister too cuz she don't have money and bums off her brothers for it and is a liar too.

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    One of my cousin who is a pathological liar.

    I swear she'd tell me her name was Gladys just to lie about it.

    The weird thing about it is that after awhile she convinces herself that what she has said is true!

    Needless to say, I (and much of the family) avoid her.

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