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Do I have to turn off water heater for temporary water shut-off?

I need to replace a compression hot water faucet in my shower. There is no water shut-off for shower and no shut-off for outgoing water from gas water heater. I can either turn off inlet water to hot water heater or the main water valve. Will I damage the hot water heater if the pilot light is still on after I relieve the water pressure. I am guessing (hoping?) it would only be for an hour or so. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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    No you don't need to off the water heater. As long as you don't drain the water from a hot water heater you can leave it on. Its when you take water out of one and leave it on that you can mess it up. Just as a piece of advice turn off the main water valve, instead of just the inlet on the hot water heater. In case of something going wrong or piped different that you expect its better to have all water pressure coming into the house turned off.

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    you should only need to shut off the main valve. it feeds the water heater, normally. if in doubt, see if you have hot or cold water running after you shut off the main valve. It might take a while to drain the pipes. No need to turn off the pilot on the water heater.

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    no, you wont damage anything. you dont need to turn off the gas. the heating divise is still controlled by a thermostat. once the water reaches the set temperature, it will shut off. If you were going to drain the water heater, or change out the heater or thermostat, then you would shut down the pilot. :)

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    no, if you turn the water input to the hot water heater and relieve the pressure in the line, there should be residual water in the heater that will keep anything from being damaged.

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    Turn the water heater to the lowest point then go ahead.

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    Temporary Water Heater

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    Gas in the UK is not clean may be the same in what ever country you are in. Stuff (oil vapour grease) can clog the pilot. The guy will just prick the pilot with a small needle and unblock it. If you can easily do that try it. If not I guess you will have to call them out.

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    No...just turn off the water system, and no worries.

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    no. that has nothing to do with your water system in your house except the hot water.

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