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How long does it take to teach a cockatiel parrot to talk?

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    Every bird is different. The cockatiel I had was fairly easy to train, but he didn't remember the words I taught him, he chose to remember other words that he heard.

    I even got a record that had a lot of different voices that were repetitive and played it over and over and over and over and eventually he started to pick up a few words here and there.

    In answer to your question though, there's no telling how long it will take.

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    Firstly you have to have a male bird in order to have it talk. Female cockatiels do not talk generally. This kills the myth that females are the longest talkers(homo sapiiens).

    To get a male tiel to talk takes a lot of patience and repitition. Don't expect the bird to say long sentences that are complicated.

    Simple sentences are quicker to learn. "I am a pretty cockatiel" "my name is jojo" "squeak is a pretty boy" are all possible. I esrtimate that if you say your phrase to the bird at least 10 times a day for about 90 days it will eventually repeat the phrase back to you.

    If you wish the bird to actually speak words DO NOT whistle at it or make bird noises till it has mastered speech. then you can add to it's repetoire as new phrases or whistles are perfected.

    Not many people have heard the true call of a cockatiel as they are excellent mimics!

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    Usually it is the male cockatiel that will talk. Not all males will talk, but I have had baby birds (3-4) months of age start to say hello, wolf whistle, and say step up. The best way to teach them to talk is by saying short (1 or 2 word) phrases to them repitively throughout the day. The more they hear it the more chances of them picking it up.

    Source(s): Bird breeder for 17+ years, Parrot Rescue President for 6 years.
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    I would recommend buying a tape and record yourself saying stuff that you want to teach your bird over and over again, or go to your pet store and buy a "bird tape" I did that and my cockatiel began talking and singing within a few weeks, but just have a tape player and play it all day long. Leaving the radio on is a good idea too. I did that and now everytime I go near it he says "MIX 93.3!" Its quite funny.

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    This all depends on whether you have a male or female bird. The males are the only ones who talk--females will not, although they are very sweet birdies and they will even occasionally lay an egg for you. But, if you have a male, it will take several months to get him to say a few words. These birds are not the best talkers, but they can mimic a lot of things too. Have fun with your birdie--they're nice pets. I've had several and my grandma used to raise them.

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    Like every human has a different personality, it goes the smae for birds. It varies on how long it takes to talk for a bird just like when we learn to talk

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    Most teils NEVER learn to talk. The cockbird tends to be more vocal than the hen. Many teils enjoy whistling.

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    depends on the bird.. there is no guarantee that the tiel will ever talk.. just work with it in a continual basis.. leave the radio on..talk to it ..

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