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What do you do when you have feelings for someone, but afraid to tell because you dont want to see an end?

I am having a crush on a girl that I talk to alot. We go to school together, and she is one of the most sweetest friends I ever had. We are almost like eachother because we love the same types of music on same level and we laugh and smile a lot, or try to at least. I am trying to wonder how to work this to where hopefully I cant lose her someday. How and what should I give to make us last forever? I would like to have a good relationship for once, when my last good relationships was about 3 years ago, the girl I had back then was a cheater, and hooker, but the only thing holding us up for as long as 10 months to a year was our love for eachother, and then I just got tired of us being together. I have never felt so much in my life and I would do anything to have the best girlfriend in my life right now. What should I do about this one I have a crush on though, if she accepts me wanting to date her, how should I hold it up to where it'll last as long as I want it. Advice please.

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    As im a girl , in this relationship a girl never step forward and suggest first , so it is obvios that you should tell her your love.

    I think she is waiting for your request of love.Dont lose the time and tell her your real love and be honest about this love to be succeed.

    Good luck

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    That's really hard to answer.....I just recently made a huge mistake and let one of my best guy friend know i had a crush on him - he didn't "like" me that way though.

    He is still the same, but it is really hard for me to pretend nothing happened and just be friends again and I feel like it will never be the same because i messed it up big time.

    If I were you I would probably not tell her after what i learned by telling the boy, but its hard to tell you what to do because i dont know what the relationship between you and her is like.

    good luck and a happy new year =)

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    You never know if you don't ask. Try something simple like if you are working on a paper ask her for coffee and talk about her ideas on the topic. That way you can get to know her better and there is not much to lose. Start with something small to get your feet wet and see if she accepts your invitation.

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    Tell her you like her more than she may realize then ask her for a date . After that be nice and sweet to her and find out what interests her , movies , parks, dinner that sort of thing . Go slow so you don't scare her off and things may work out fine. Good luck to you !

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    What do you have to lose? Live life to the fullest......TELL HER!!!!

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