the apex of the lung has?

When compared with the base of the lung in aperson who is standing, the apex of the lung has

A a higher ventilation rate

B a higher perfusion rate

C a higher ventilation/perfusion rate

D the same ventilation/perfusion rate

E a lower pulmonary capillary PO2

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    1 decade ago
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    C. This is because, when you are upright, blood tends to pool towards the lower parts of the lung. Therefore perfusion decreases at the apex of the lung. Morever, when you breath in, the apex of the lungs get higher amounts of air for ventillation then the middle and lower lobes. Therefore ventillation rate is higher. In this case we are looking at the volume of gas per unit time that reaches the alveoli, the respiratory portions of the lungs where gas exchange occurs.

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    I believe the correct answer is C. The upper parts of the lungs are working in a person at rest, the lower parts are not as much. When you begin to exercise the lower lungs begin gas exchange at a higher rate than at rest.

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    Correct answer is C.

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