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From what state are you from?


WHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO to your state toooooooo!


West Bank, Matarie? really?!

I am New Orleans!!!!!!!!!!

Update 2:

I live!!!!!!!! in NO!

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    Hahaha!I'm from Louisiana too!I'm from the Westbank.Where are you from?Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nevada, the ugly desert! I want trees, lots of trees and grass. Ever since 2003, all new houses have to have gravel. In the summer time that makes everything just plain ole ugly hot. Rocks retain the heat, stucco retains heat and then add a hot 112 degrees!!

    Anyone want to trade? I left Nevada in 1978 and moved to Minneapolis for a few years and after about three years of environmental shock, I fell in love with it. But wow, that first winter, I could not understand why people were inhabiting that part of the country. It was a breaker record winter and I don't think the freezer in my refrigerator was ever as cold as that city got that year with 21 days in Janyary never going above -23 to -31 wind chill, had never even heard the words wind chill before. And then spring came and I spent my life in the basement because of tornados! Just couldn't understand what people were doing living there, and then one day I fell in love with it.

    I was transfered to Cincinnati, and I'm sorry Cincinnatians, but that is a city that could have been taken off the map. I did think it was pretty cool that when I went to the closest mall, I was in Kentucky! My family in Vegas got a kick out of that also, so then I bragged some more and said within a half hour, I could drve around in three different states.

    The problem with Cincinnati, other than their always saying please? when they are saying pardon me, or a good ole huh? would have worked, but please? when you don't hear someone was hard to get used to.

    Anyway, I lived there almost three years and never could find my way around, and my job had me traveling all around North America renting cars and drinving to resort properties without getting lost, but wow, Cincinnati, it was impossible to understand how the streets ran, first they are going north and south, and then before you relaize it you are traveling west and you never changed streets.

    Hey, I know all you did was ask what state a person was from and I gave you my history along with a geography lesson!

    My kids are out and I'm sitting here on the computer when I should be packing, so this is how I'm celebrating my New Years!


    Which it sounds like you are based upon the way you wrote your question!

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    South Carolina

  • Illinois

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    I'm From New Orleans louisiana(really metairie but were close)

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    State of Mental & Physical Deterioration

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