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Ladies Only Please!?

Why I am so scared to have sex? I mean I have never been through anything traumatic or anything. I've never been raped or anything like that...but for some reason I get really nervous anytime a boy gets close to me...yet I really want to have a boyfriend and I really like this one guy who has been my friend forever! I think he likes me too. So what am I so scared about..has anyone else been through this? I mean it's not like I am a fricking teen anymore either...I'm 27 for christ's sake. I do get turned on and everything but always chicken out at the last moment..Someone help me please?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've been through this tooo.. my problem was that I was insecure, and scared of being turned away, and nervous that I would be disappointing.. which in turn would be humiliating. I was scared of ruining a potentially really good relationship. The whole problem was my lack of confidence! Could that be the same with you?

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