What a way to start a NEW YEAR +++++++++++++++++++++++?

Well, I just called my boyfriend on the phone right at the countdown of 2007. We're in different cities at the moment. He was playing football with his friends. I felt like calling him and counting down with him to 2007 and I said, "HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR!!!" He said the same. I was like KISSY KISSY but he didn't say anything. Gosh he's always like distracted on the phone it seems. Then he said he had to go right then because his cell battery was about to die. That kinda made me sad... he just left. He said he'd talk to me later.

What a way to go into the new year...

I just needed to vent.

But hey, if anybody has anything nice to say to cheer me up... that'd be nice. : (

(Nooooo he's not cheating on me and noooo I'm not going to dump him. So please don't say things like that).

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    don't worry sweetie! i'm sure he loves you. he was probably just really into the game. i know this sounds stupid and i probably shouldn't even write it but guys have different ways of expressing themselves. wuv ya! *mwa* (i'm not lesbian...just trying to cheer ya up)

    happy new year!

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    Guys are so stupid, If that guy really wanted to talk to you he wouldnt of said his phone was going to die. Thats such a stupid lie. You disearve better! But one thing I do to guys when they dont pay attention is say something. And be like yahh but you didnt hear that. Or something to get the to be like, what did you say?! And you just simply reply and say, Well maybe if you were to listen you would know and i wouldnt have to repeat myself.

    Trust me that guys not worth it.

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    Hey - guys are jerks. I know. I'm a guy.

    Cheer up - he was probably got caught up in the moment of being with his friends, and did not realize that this mean't this much to you.

    Keep a smile !!

    Happy New Year

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    Wish you and your BF a very very happy and prosperous new year.

    Take Care

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    at least you got to talk to him a little bit. i tried to call someone i care about and there was no answer so i guess ill have to wait...

  • Joho
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    u are beatiful and u are a great person. good luck and have a happy new year.

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    well think of it like this... at least you got to wish him a happy new year! some of us <like me> havent and cant!!

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    Sonja, mine name is Sonja too, the same spelling, never met anyone like that! :)

  • 1 decade ago

    maybe hes just PMSing.


    hope that cheered u up.

  • lol an average guy lol....

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