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How can I join a pro football club in England? Can I request trials on League One or League Two during summer?

For EU player, without any international experience, just playing in my own country. Is it a good idea travel to England on summer and introduce myself to some club?

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    It may help to live in England.

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    It is defiantely a possiblilty to play Professional football in England.. there are like 6 different leagues, and theres Wales, Ireland, and Scotland near by

    first i would request a trial for a League one club.. if u dont make it try league 2 or the divion under that..

    Good luck!

  • There are manchester united soccer school but u hav 2 live der 2 go 2 the schools....and its in manchester

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    make sure u take recomendations....and u will most likely only make it to the third or second division and from there move up...luck with that.

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