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Is eating a boiled- egg with cheese in sandwhich healthy?

my friend ate one and now i feel like eating one but i'm scare of the fats and unhealthy-ness. i'm reawlly uneducated on what the things on the back of foods say. i'm trying to loose some belly fat and i ate a cookie today....should i eat this sandwhich and how can i make it healthy and less fattening if i do?

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    Shouldn't be a problem if you don't have a high cholesterol problem or heart disease or liver disease. Lots have people have cheese omelets with a side order of toast so it's not much different from that except for one egg. Good sized omelets usually have three eggs and your second sandwich would make your meal two eggs.

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    The hard boiled egg is not fattening. Nutritionist recommend eating more protein to lose weight! Low fat proteins work the best (like eggs).

    You can have as many as 3 egg white and 2 yellows in one day to lose weight.

    You can skip the cheese or else buy a low fat type of cheese, as the regular is slightly fattening. Also, to lose weight faster don't use white bread , but use whole wheat (with more than one gram of fiber..that is how u know if it's really whole wheat).

    White bread turns into sugar as soon as it gets to your tummy. Try to avoid all sugars, except the ones in fruits and veggies.

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    A smashed boiled egg, some cheddar cheese, some salad made into a sandwich is Really healthy, BUT you have to consider this as a major Meal. eg, lunch, dinner, breakfast. Don't add Mayonnaise or any fattening souses... just add chilly or ketchup. Have Fun!

    Remember, U are what you eat!

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    Talk about fat and cholesterol!

    Exercise and become a vegetarian.

    You will have a health life and loose the belly fat.

    If you must have it eat a half of a sandwich. No Mayo. Mustard has no calories. Maybe add some cucumber slices.

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    It is not unhealthy. To decrease the fat start by using a low fat or part skim cheese. Also you can always take out half of the yoke or even all of it. For flavor instead of mayo use fat free ranch dressing.

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    No just eat it, boiled egg is good, it has so many vitamins. Sandwhich has a lot carbohydrates, it gives energy but dont take it too much, you might experience sleepiness. Cheese contains calcium , good for bones and teeth, make you stronger, healthier and taller!

    Source(s): Science!
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    hey watch your grammar man!

    anyway it won't be that fattening, it's just a sandwich. but it would be better if it's wheat bread. In that way, it would contain more fiber which will drain the fats and bad cholesterol in your body.

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    Eggs are good brain food low in fat, but high in cholesterol. Go ahead and it it, no harm done.

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    Hey, go ahead. It's not like it's gonna bite your head off. I'd eat it...


    Now I want a boiled egg!

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    Alcohol can offset the bad cholesterol impact. Go for it.

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