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Can I bring my own backpack and food and stuff to the Magic Kingdom?

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    Yes, you may bring a backpack into the Magic Kingdom Park - in fact, it's a good idea to. I always bring a backpack with me to any of the theme parks. I usually pack some snacks, like Pringles, bags of chips, cookies, candy, bottled beverages, etc. They do search your bags at the entrance to the Park, so they won't appreciate coolers loaded with entire meals, of course. We didn't have any problem getting our snacks and stuff into the Park, though. The security check is mainly just for weapons, so they won't really be digging through everything. If you're worried about them questioning anything you bring, just cover it with some clothes. It's a good idea to bring a change of clothes anyway, in case you get wet on Splash Mountain, or something.

    Hope I could help! Have fun!

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    Here is the deal on that...Yes on the backpack, maybe on the food.

    This is what my girlfriend and I did...we just said that the food was for our daughter who was meeting us in the park with my parents. They usually let it slide.

    Backpacks, they just check them on a table when you enter the park. Its really stupid, because the lady just pokes the inside with her baton. I could have had a condom, porn magazine, anthrax, and a canister of plutonium ions...and she would have only punctured the Trojan.

    On a serious note, YES to backpack...maybe to the food. Just know that parks make most of their money WITH food...same with movie theaters. So expect them to say no. Just keep in mind its best to eat meals than to eat snacks everywhere. AND eat a big breakfast at the Contemporary Resort...its really nice, and right next to Magic Kingdom.

    Lastly, the parks usually open up an hour before they officially open. So try showing up an hour early. Something you learn after you go there ALL THE TIME since birth (I am now 20). And if worst comes to worst, and they say they wont open the park at all, u can ride the monerail around the place and get a niec view.

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    Backpacks yes. They do not like the coolers and backpacks with wheels though. As long as you don't go overboard with packing the food, they usually let you bring it in. We have brought in bottled water, snack bars, and other snacks to the Magic Kingdom and had no problems.

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    Backpacks are most definitely allowed as long as no firearms, weapons, glass containers, or anything harmful is inside. They do check the bags but just look for illegal things like what I stated above. Just remember not to over pack because you are stuck with it, unless you rent a locker for the day.

    Food is also allowed into the parks just as long as it is not in a glass container. I worked for MGM Studios and have seen coolers of all sizes brought in, just beware that the lockers are not that big so if you bring in a cooler you are stuck with it through out the day, which could become a nuisance.

    Hope this helped some and you enjoy your trip!

    Source(s): Worked in the parks for 2 yrs
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    The bag check was implemented after 9/11. It is not to make sure people are bringing in food it is to make sure that everyone is safe inside the parks. Yes, you can bring food in with you, noone will say anything to you. However, when you bring in a bag to the parks make sure you are ready to wait in yet another line to get it searched, rather than walking straight in.

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    I have never had problems bringing in food. We bring our lunch and snacks in daily in a backpack!

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    Disney asks that no food or drink be brought into any of their 4 theme parks (you can, however take a full cooler into any of their 2 water parks). But if you want to pack a sandwich and a bottled water and place them at the bottom of your bag, under a sweatshirt, they'll never see it. They do search all bags, but they just peak inside.

    Re-fill your water bottle throughout the day to save on money.

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    Have a great time!

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    I think they check your backpack now

    and they will tell u what u can't bring

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    they do check backpacks but they are not gonna take your food, i think

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    does anyone have a straight answer? food or no food can go in, sneak it in? whats the answer?

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