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what do i do.Im falling for him again.?

so theres this guy and i kinda think im falling for see we were bff last year and then we hung out all the time in the summer talked online all the time and hung at his house went bowling shared drinks and stuff.and then when school started people kept asking if we were goin out witch we werent and then he asked me out.and of course i said yes. But then sadly we broke up he said it was weird cuz we were to good of friends or whatever. We dont talk much since its been like 2 mounths since me and him hung out we talk very rarley but i found a picture of me and him the last day we hung out before we broke up and i put it on myspace he commented it saying wow that was a great day we need to hang again soon. But he just wants to be friends But ah i think im falling for him for like the third time. someone help what do i do

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    Gotta follow your heart! If you like a guy, you can't tell yourself not to. You'll regret it if you don't give him a chance. Just be there for him and be his friend again, and maybe things will clear up for you!

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    Well i would say dat u should tell him dat u still have feelings fo him and see what he says cuz if u don't kno what iz goin on between u 2 den u r goin to be stuck liking him while he iz liking other people and people who lik u u mess it up fo yo self. So if he do not lik u it iz okay cuz dere r pleanty of people who lik u and den u 2 can start hanging out again and b friends. So jus find out what u need to kno and i betcha dat it will help u out alot u can start dating other people

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