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I was interesting in joining the Air Force after I get my 2 yr college degree. I wanna server my country, but I have no clue what Air Force life is like. I dont want to be involved in the Army thou, I was looking at some careers you can go after and Security seemed interesting, anyone do this? If so enlighten me

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    Man dont do it, Poor sp's are the bottom of the barrel, go into intel, satelitte uplinking, radio and broadcasting or communications. stay away from CE and SP's

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    If you're planning on getting your degree don't join as a cop (security forces) in any branch! When I got my to my first base there were these guys that were cops and this was thier first base too and they had just arrived from tech school. They didn't even have time to finish all the initial briefings and unpack before they were sent to Iraq.

    As an SP you typically go on 1year deployments and come back for 2-5months then go back for another year. You will be (most likely) be with the Army cops too. I hear they work together a lot, the AF and Army cops.

    If you just to join to get your degree get a simple job....desk job in finance, supply, cook, you could be the guy who fuels up the jets. I heard that that is ALL they do. Pretty easy and simple. THere are jobs in the militay that are regular 9-5 Mon-Fri. Most hospital jobs, and some computer techs and what-not.

    My job is (2W1X1 Aircraft Armament Systems). That means I load bombs, missiles, chaff, flare, ammo, etc. on jets. (my jet is the F-15E, but you can switch between all jets with weapons) It's fun an very interesting and the people are great! (weapons troops are a different breed of people) It's really fun. We learn about wiring diagrams and schematic tables. We do mechanical and electrical work too. I can tell you more if you like....

    If you're joining as an officer (getting a degree first) that's cool. I wish I had a degree and did that. They get much better pay. You could be a pilot. (I wanted to do that but I'm only 5'2")

    as far as picking a job, you need to concider a few things: is this going to be a career (20+yrs)? or are you going to do 4-6yrs and then get out. You can always just get the skills (say, be a doc. or radar tech, aircraft traffic control,) and get out of the military and use the skills to make a 6-7figure income as a civilan.

    anyway you go, good luck!

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    Funny how so many non AF/ AF security forces answer the question, and they get small/important things wrong. 1. Security Forces gets deployed, our shortest deployments at 6-months (with a month or 2 for training) and longest are 12-months (with a month or 2 for training) with the ability to extend your deployment time. 2. For security clearance you will need a good criminal record (mostly clean) as well as decent financial records (if you were old enough) but at 18, there isn't much they check. 3. For Security Forces, AFSC 3POX1, you put it on your list, put it as the first choice, and don't put anything else down, and you will get it. they are always looking for more people, and even if you had other jobs down, your 80% guarenteed to get SF. Ask your recruiter they will tell you. and you can be guarenteed your job in the Air Force, the only time you chose after basic, is if you went in "open general, open admin, open medical, or any other open fields" the open means that you are chosing a career within a certain field. But you can also be guaranteed SF right from MEPS. 4. BMT is BMT, it's harder then most anything you've prob done, but at same time when you look back on it, it was easy. You will prob cry, you will laugh, you will hate it, you prob won't ever love it. and luckily you only do it once. Tech School, for SF is 13 weeks long (somtimes it's 14-16 sometimes a little shorter, as they change the circiullum every once in a while) you will learn infantry stuff, squad tactics, you will shoot a lot of weapons from the AF inventory (M240B,M249,M203,M9,M4) you will learn Law enforcement (domestics, traffic stops, etc) and you will learn security, (guarding a weapon storage area/flightline) 5. your contract is 8 years. But you can join for 4 years active and 4 years inactive, or 6 years active and 2 years inactive. (during the inactive, your basically out of the military but could be called back in if you were needed. the AF has NEVER called up it's IRR as of today *knock on wood*)

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    Basically, Air Force, Army, Navy - they all have something to do with security of the country. Since you do not seem to be open-minded as to what you want to do, you better forget about joining any of these discplined services; instead you should look for a security job in a building, factory or something similar!

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    We SF go on 6 month deployments. Pick something that you will use when you get out. Also don't sign up for a long contract. Try it out with maybe a 4 yr term and see if you like it first.

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    Having a 2yr degree won't make you an officer. Also, SP is a very demanding job; I would look into something else. But if you want it, go for it. We can always use more SPs.

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    Not Security forces you just end up standing out guarding planes and the front gate, Do intel or OSI or something

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    what you need to understand is we are at war and SF in the AF is a lot like an army job right now. good luck with that

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    personally i would go with the army: you get good benefits, it pays good and beware get into really good shape before you get into the program make sure you can do at LEAST 100 pushups with 40 pounds on your back or else you're in for a world of hurt.

    trust me i know.

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    What do you find wrong with the Army?

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